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      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   06/04/2017

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Killed By A Train Because of AS

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Hello, I found the image a very interesting article and some of you might as well.


(I put a link to the image on google drive as not sure how to embed / attach an image in the forum - I'm sure there are instructions or I don't have this ability, just hoping the link works etc...)


As I’m new to the forum, I will give a little background info first.

1. My son is diagnosed AS.

2. I am self diagnosed AS - years ago my mum (and girlfriend) got me to go to a consultant as a young adult, he said it was up to me if I wanted the diagnoses because as far as he was concerned I had a girlfriend and was at university so what would be the point of having a diagnoses... in hindsight I probably should have done but it didn’t seem relevant, just knowing myself is good enough.

3. My dad has AS - he doesn’t know but it’s so obvious it’s funny and I won’t be telling him (my mum is dead so she won’t tell him either).

4. My Nan had AS - she died several years ago, also no one knew she had AS, they just thought she was a grumpy old woman who didn’t socialise with other residents etc. in her care home.


Getting onto the reason for the post…


After my Nan died, she had a book and in it I found a newspaper cutting about her Dad. He was someone that we never talked about (we didn’t really ever do much talking). Anyhow what I did know was that he was runover by a train in Porstmouth docks but no other details.


I read the newspaper cutting and it was really quite amazing, I also showed it to my wife (some person as the girlfriend above in number 2) and she also found it quite amazing. I’m not going to explain why as you can read it for yourself. I’ve been meaning to put a photo of the article on a forum like this for several years because for people who have or understand AS, reading the article with that understanding and family background it’s really quite amazing and so I don’t really need to guess where my Nan got her AS…



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That is a sad story, and the AS traits certainly come across in the account.


It is interesting also to see how the style of newspaper stories has changed over the years. These days you probably wouldn't expect to find the home addresses of all the people involved in the incident reported in the paper. Do you know when it happened? The photograph of the film actress Susan Beaumont on the same page probably dates it to the late 1950s or so, I would guess. She was only active in films from 1955 to 1959, according to wikipedia.


It must have been quite a discovery for you, when you found that cutting.



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It's a really eerie feeling when you discover a relatives death could have been prevented due to a disability you have.


My gran died of dementia but I think it would have been harder for her if she had her mobility. We both identify as elhers danlos and grans hip operation going wrong resulted in her physically weakened state.


I heard of a lad who used to pace when he was nervous. There was a traffic jam and he got out of the car walked onto the motorway and was instantly killed. He was aspergers.

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That account has been used in relation to autism previously. I cannot recall whether it was a thesis, dissertation or paper - but I think it dealt with 'potential' autistic deaths in industrial or engineering settings. I have definitely read it before somewhere.

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Actually when my brothers fiance was killed and fingers were (wrongfully) pointed at my brother they printed address though that may be different though they later mentioned whilst the invesigation was taking place he was staying at a homeless hostel in town (even gave name) cue my brother being beaten up by vigilante members of public who only had the drips of false information by the media.


That was what changed me from a career in media to general film/radio to later IT, I lost my respect for journalists printing whatever they wanted.

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Hi Deepthought, if you recall or find it, please post the details as it would be really interesting to see. Thanks.


I have asked around a bit, others remembered it also, and one gave a lead, but alas as no joy. I am though treating this search as a mission of import, and I will report if I find it again.

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