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Hello. Thank you for letting me join your forum. I am 68 years old and I had never even heard of asperger's till I was 50. I had a terrible time at High School and always had trouble socialising. As I got older my socialising improved in familiar situations purely through experience but I could still get it horribly wrong in unfamiliar circumstances. Mostly by myself I succeeded in some ways and really struggled in others. I had at least two breakdowns caused by stress and socialising problems. I saw a psychiatric nurse, a hypnotherapist and an alcohol counsellor. None of them were much help. Eventually, when I was 50 I went to see another counsellor. He listened to all my woes and then lent me a book on Asperger Syndrome and told me to go and read it. It was a revelation. As I read it I kept saying "that's me". At last I knew what was wrong and that I wasn't the only one in the world. I've never had an official diagnosis and don't want one but so much of what I've read about Asperger's and observed in other sufferers applies to me. Now in old age I feel much more adapted to my condition although there is no 'cure' and you never grow out of it. I'm hoping that I may be of some help to others on this forum. Ivan

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Hello and welcome

I've struggled with food addiction. I cannot have 'just a little bit' of gluten or dairy without wanting to have lots and lots more. I have to abstain from gluten or dairy in order to function in my daily life. 

There is another book 'aspergers and alcohol drinking to cope' which I'm not sure you've read or not? 

I've also had some breakdowns due to stress and various other problems mostly services not helping me. Struggling to get mental health support at the moment. 

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