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Parents of children aged 3-11 years needed for research (online survey) - posted with moderator permission

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I am a psychology student at Keele University studying a master’s degree in child development.
My research aims to assess the differences in sensory sensitivities between a group of children with a diagnosis of autism and a group of children without a diagnosis of autism. Additionally, the quality of sleep and anxiety levels of these children will also be assessed.

Parents will be asked to complete 3 short questionnaires; this can be done online or through a telephone call. The questionnaires will collect information about your child’s sensory processing (about the 6 main senses: vision, auditory, touch, movement, smell, taste), quality of sleep and anxiety. This will total 86 questions, taking approximately 20 minutes to complete. keelepsych.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9nLMU94A8pjpkd7

This study may suggest that quality of sleep and anxiety can play a role in the atypical sensory processing of children with autism. This can be beneficial for psychologists to be aware of, as it can help with treatment of atypical sensory processing. Additionally, this research can help to revise the diagnostic criteria of autism.

If you have any questions you can contact me on here or w9z46@students.keele.ac.uk or on 07914756430.

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