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Posted with moderator permission: Autism and Workplace Study

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Hello all!

My name is Mark Burnard and I am an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Ph.D. student at Florida International University. I'm currently conducting a research study investigating the effects of workplace characteristics (social, environmental, etc.) on autistic employees' attitudes and well-being.

I am inviting adults (18+) on the autism spectrum who currently work in an office setting to participate. Those who are currently unemployed but worked in an office setting leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic are also eligible. 

The survey will take approximately 25 to 35 minutes to complete and is strictly confidential. Those who complete the survey will receive $15 (USD) in the form of an Amazon eGift card.

To participate or ask me questions please use my contact in the flyer.

Thank you for your time,

Mark Burnard


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I am not eligible to take part in this as I haven't worked in an office environment for over ten years, but I'll make a comment.

I am male (on the autistic spectrum) and was moved from a room where I was the sole occupant of, into a predominantly female office of about twelve people about eleven years ago.  I found it hard going as the conversation often was about female topics, which as a male I couldn't join in with or felt inhibited from joining in with. I felt out of place and eventually I concluded that I was feeling a form of (unintended) ostracism.  Due to spending cuts, my post was cut the following year.

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