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Should Britain use ICD or DSM when it comes to diagnosing and categorising ASD?

Over the past 5 or 6 years, the American DSM-5 has almost completely ousted the international ICD-10 in Britain when it comes to ASD, and Asperger Syndrome has been obliterated as a result. The prevailing attitude is that Asperger Syndrome no longer exists as a diagnosis and is now obsolete, but it can still be diagnosed as it exists in ICD-10 which is a current publication. Asperger Syndrome still technically exists as a distinct category in ICD-11 as ASD is categorised as opposed to a continuous one-dimensional spectrum in DSM-5.

It's notable that people diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in Britain and Europe were diagnosed under ICD-10 whereas people diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in the US were diagnosed under DSM-IV. ICD exists in the US but it's rarely used for psychological and mental health conditions.

Should Britain stick with the international ICD or should Britain adopt the American DSM instead when it comes to ASD?

DSM has been referred to as the fahrenheit of diagnostic manuals, and DSM-5 as the grey squirrel of diagnostic manuals.

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