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Hi  so this is all new to me we are at the very beginning of our journey, my son is currently waiting on an asd assessment,which could potentially take 2 years which seems overwhelming in itself. Our main struggle is the meltdowns and anger if we could just get them under control life wouldn't be so stressful and drought our house is constantly walk on egg shells dont get me wrong we have some good days but we have a moment somewhere along the line it's effecting our everyday lives his little sister is 4 and starts school in September and I'm worried she will she some as his behaviour as acceptable, I have no idea how to help him and with a potential diagnosis 2yrs away I worry what effect it will have on him and us.


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Sorry your post was missed. Welcome to the forum.

Two books I highly recommend you try are...

"People with autism behaving badly" by John Clements 

"Asperger syndrome and difficult moments, practical solutions for tantrum, rage and meltdown"

On a personal note, my mum and I tend to be more prone to meltdown if we've had a poor night's sleep, if more changes than we can handle happen at once (unless we've made them ourselves with no consequences from others), as a way of expression physical or emotional pain, as a result of perfectionism "either everything goes 100% right or it all goes wrong", angry depression (I wish I had the hopeless crying depression but I don't).

Hope these help 


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