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Mineral supplements

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Been wondering about this for a while. DS (4ys) is iron deficient and on iron syrup. He has always had fairly sloppy poos initially attrubted to toddler diarrhoea but since drastically reducing the dairy in his diet his poos have firmed up. The link with funny bowels and ASD aside my youngest son is intolerant of cows milk so it's in the family. DS eats a good diet so we think the reason he is iron-deficient is because of his bowels and him having a low level of malabsoption. I wonder what other minerals and trace elements he is deficient in as well as iron and think he could do with a supplement. Problem is I can't find any in the shops suitable for children that aren't full of lurid colours and flavours (additives make him hyper). I remember seeing kids floravit in the health food shop which I think did but the shop no longer stock it. Does anyone else use mineral supplements and can you recommend a brand. It will have to be a liquid



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