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Posted 04 April 2016 - 07:21 AM

Hi my son at 14 was diagnosed with asd just before xmas, he's since turned 15 but is refusing to take his meds and refusing school, and is in a very depressed state, I struggle to get him to the doctors as he is 6f 3 already,so i can't just put him in car, he's had a lot in his life to cope with loss of his younger sister, he's dad running out on us to a younger girl, who was living with us, having children with her, splitting from her and two weeks later meeting someone else and wanting to marry her, so now I'm going through a divorce with him, dad doesnt really want to know he picks him up and drops him as and when, my son is always shouting and swearing at me and his younger brother, so can anyone recommend anything or even sites or help lines I can contact to get advice, Thank you,

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Posted 05 April 2016 - 11:36 AM

Sounds to me like he needs a challenge in life. School isnt everything!

Yiu are in the right place!

If you are patient and open here people will help and share their views.

I am a late diagnosed aspie, 36.

I always had problems with anxiety and am 6ft myself and 14 stone 8 pounds!

The only method of control I will accept is my own self control and I need to beleive something is right before I do it not just because im told.

Im not being defiant or rude I am simply requiring more information and justification for that which you ask of us.

It is my opinion that his intellect has not been 'tickled' and if you help him find, and encourage, his special interest...he will want to do things ofhis own accord...

As it happens my 'A-dar' has led me to a similar boy who doesnt like school but has learnt that learning to code is a 'game' ans encouraging his mother to help him follow this path...

This is called our 'special interest' and something aspies often excell at!

Help him find his 'thing' and encourage it and you will a different side to him im sure!!

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