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      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   06/04/2017

      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   Depression and other mental health difficulties are common amongst people on the autistic spectrum and their carers.   People who are affected by general mental health difficulties are encouraged to receive and share information, support and advice with other forum members, though it is important to point out that this exchange of information is generally based on personal experience and opinions, and is not a substitute for professional medical help.   There is a list of sources of mental health support here: <a href="http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=18801" target="_blank">Mental Health Resources link</a>   People may experience a more serious crisis with their mental health and need urgent medical assistance and advice. However well intentioned, this is not an area of support that the forum can or should be attempting to offer and we would urge members who are feeling at risk of self-harm or suicide to contact either their own GP/health centre, or if out of hours contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or to call emergency services 999.   We want to reassure members that they have our full support in offering and seeking advice and information on general mental health issues. Members asking for information in order to help a person in their care are seeking to empower both themselves and those they represent, and we would naturally welcome any such dialogue on the forum.   However, any posts which are deemed to contain inference of personal intent to self-harm and/or suicide will be removed from the forum and that person will be contacted via the pm system with advice on where to seek appropriate help.   In addition to the post being removed, if a forum member is deemed to indicate an immediate risk to themselves, and are unable to be contacted via the pm system, the moderating team will take steps to ensure that person's safety. This may involve breaking previous confidentiality agreements and/or contacting the emergency services on that person's behalf.   Sometimes posts referring to self-harm do not indicate an immediate risk, but they may contain material which others find inappropriate or distressing. This type of post will also be removed from the public forum at the moderator's/administrator's discretion, considering the forum user base as a whole.   If any member receives a PM indicating an immediate risk and is not in a position (or does not want) to intervene, they should forward the PM to the moderating team, who will deal with the disclosure in accordance with the above guidelines.   We trust all members will appreciate the reasoning behind these guidelines, and our intention to urge any member struggling with suicidal feelings to seek and receive approproiate support from trained and experienced professional resources.   The forum guidelines have been updated to reflect the above.   Regards,   The mod/admin team

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  2. hello I`m belong to Estas, autism self-help group of south korea The self-help group ESTAS, which is going to visit the UK, consists of seven males with autistic disorder or autistic tendency from the early 20s to the early 30s and a translator. Most of the group members are college students or college graduates. Some have doctoral degrees and some have professional jobs. Unlike other conventional self-help groups, ESTAS does not have a supervisor position to control other members. Instead, we have a coordinator to conduct meetings efficiently and to represent the agreed opinion of the group. The current arbitrator is Lee Won-moo and he has participated in the national deliberations on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities held in Geneva, Switzerland. (He is not participating in this expedition because of his personal circumstances.) Our organization is being operated with donations of some members without external fund such as other organizations or companies. As a result, financial difficulties often arise when we pursue some activities. Sometimes, we experience difficulties in some activities due to unfavorable prejudices and perceptions of the society against the people with developmental disabilities. Despite such difficulties, ESTAS has been trying to improve the quality of life of the members as well as develop their potentialities. Members regularly attend conferences and publish columns in media. In addition, we ask broadcasting stations to correct false information about autism. We are moving toward a better society constantly planning activities that could not have been done if it were not for ESTAS. We have been actively communicating and debating with people with developmental disabilities, such as autistic disorder, to find answers. Among them, there are a debate with Birsen Basar who has served as a public relations representative in the Autism Association of the Netherlands since 2014, and a meeting with officers of the People First Korea. Through these experiences, we realized that solidarity with youths around the world, who have the same perception on the issue, is important. At the same time, it became an occasion to think about how to protect socially marginalized people like us and to help change society. We decided to have this expedition to UK to find answers to the questions about solidarity with young people with disabilities and the possibilities of social change. Starting with this visit to UK, we would like to develop a blueprint by building friendship with international organizations in the future.
  3. I don't like Facebook...

    I did like using Twitter before. Social media has rendered a lot of forums inactive, though. I guess that's what happens with life in general: I see that things move on.
  4. I don't like Facebook...

    Nope i dont know what you mean at all. Actually i have said this once, so i dont 'keep saying'. If you dont like facebook, dont use it since it's not essential to everyday life. Find a different way of communicating on social media, twitter for example.
  5. I don't like Facebook...

    So you keep saying. It would be nice if you knew the facts of what went on and why. You know?
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  7. Perfect in school? But not at home

    Hello Have you considered pursuing an alternative diagnosis for 'sensory integration disorder' or 'sensory processing disorder' since those are the symptoms that stand out both at school and at home?
  8. I've had this for weeks now and would like some advice. I've always had problems with my ears (white noise) since I was 7yrs but only recently has this got worse. I have exzema in my ears which produce far too much wax. I blame myself for these problems because every time they itched I scratched them and used cotton buds. I had my ears shringed last Christmas because they completely blocked up, after that I used Earol spray from boots one evening and oil drops with a dropper the following evening. Occasionally my left ear rang but now very often, but now my right ear is constantly making a high pitched noise which I find hard to bear. I went to SpectSavers and they put a camera in my ear, they said one ear was full of wax (despite using the Earol).while there was some yellow residue in my left, they wern't sure if it was a infection or residue from olive oil left over. I have made an appointment with my Dr but I have to wait weeks because the receptionists wouldn't make it any earlier. One evening while watching TV, I could hear it above the sound, so I went to the walk in surgery.and on examination said the back of my ear on the left looked red and swollen. I've been given a spray with steroid in, and have since got one for my ringing right ear. I use it three times a day. I'm fed up because it's not too bad during the day, it's when I try and relax during the evening it seems to get worse. Also my ear itches which I daren't touch in case it makes it worse. My left ear is behaving itself since using the spray, it's just my problematic right ear now. I wouldn't be in this situation if I hadn't of scratched, or used cotton buds, so I blame myself that I've cause e-reversable damage to my hearing, I'm hoping this will go back to white noise but it's highly unlikely. I used to love meditation, but that's been taken away now. Can you advise me please?
  9. My fiancé has a 19 year old boy who has Aspergers. I should rephrase that. On every site that lists the symptoms of Aspergers and the topic is behaviour, he displays 80% of the signs. On every site that lists the symptoms of Aspergers and the topic is Aspergers Syndrome Muscle Strength & Prevalence Of Hypotonia he displays 100% of the signs. On every site that lists the symptoms of Aspergers and the topic is Sensory Processing Disorder, he displays 90% of the signs. What I have found very little information on is the way he acts with his mom and to an extent with me. I will list these things in point form. He regularly calls down to his mom from his bedroom, in a very child like manner, mommy come give me a hug. Often if he is on the couch watching TV, he puts his arms out and says, both in avery child like manner, mommy come and lay with me. If is mom is sitting on a chair he literally crawls on top of her and hugs her, if he was 5 years old it may look normal, but at 6 ft tall 180 pounds to me if looks, well, wrong. He regularly approaches his mom from behind and puts his face beside hers and holds her, (in my opinion) the way a couple in love do. He regularly stands in front of his mom when he is talking to her and rubs his hands up and down her arms (in my opinion) the way a couple in love do. After meals he kisses his moms cheek and thanks her for dinner in a very babyish like voice and while doing so rubs his cheek against hers. I could go on and list more habits like this but I think you get the general idea. And again, all of the above habits "look like" he is acting like a child and the way he talks "sound like" a child. Me? At a theatre when he and I went to see that clown movie It, numerous times during the movie, at the scary parts, I would feel his hands wrapping around my arms and he put his face close to my chest. It felt real, sorry to say, creepy. To further this point to be clear, the only thing I care about when it comes to people is how people treat me and how people treat others. Gay, lesbian, Trans, red, blue, green, aliens with three heads, Ewoks, to me it makes no difference. But. In the theater that night had anyone looked, it would have looked like an man in his late fifties with his young gay lover in some sort of embrace. Maybe it shouldn't bother me as I know the truth, but it did. He tries to hug me but always in, again, a creepy loose arm feely kind of way. I back off when it happens and he always complains I won't hug him. Hugging I have no problem with, guy hugs, the way I hug my son or my brother or a buddy. Manly as it were. I have tried to hug him like that a few times and he backs away. Last time his mom's brother was here, (his uncle,) he said to him, wanna see how mom and I cuddle n the couch? He crawled in top of her and nestled his face in her chest, "like a baby". His uncle got creeped out, I saw it in his eyes and hi body language . Soon after he said to me,,,,and this is a man who never swares, "what the F&$K was that? Most importantly, I want to help this teen, get him to counselling, get him to therapy for Hypotonia. After getting him diagnosed of course. I am not a specialist or a doctor or anything like that, just someone who observes, a lot. . His mom is aware a lot of his behaviours and his immaturity is not normal, but has never come out and talked about it. Recently on Facebook there was a meme about Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) possibly having Aspergers. It was a list of ten reasons why he has it. After reading it his mom said, that sounds just like "the boys name". The more I understand about all this the easier it will be to talk to his mom and hopefully get him diagnosed. Maybe he doesn't have Aspergers. I could be way off. If anyone has experienced such things or knows anything about this baby like behaviour, or where I can read about it, please let me know. Thank you for your time
  10. I've created this thread to make it easier to advertise autscape every year. Below are details for this years conference. AUTSCAPE 2018: EXPLORING INCLUSIONTuesday 28 August – Friday 31 August 2018Tonbridge, Kent, UKhttp://www.autscape.org/Please distribute widely. Forward this text or send the link:http://www.autscape.org/2018/proposals/cfpC A L L F O R P R O P O S A L SWe are now accepting proposals for all types of presentations forAutscape 2018.PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL BY 16 APRIL 2018.Please use the proposal submission form if at all possible. If you havedifficulty using the form, please e-mail programme@autscape.org. Emailsubmissions are not accepted unless exceptional access requirements apply.The form and all the information below can be found on the Autscape website:http://www.autscape.org/2018/proposals/___ Contents ___* About Autscape* Theme* What we are looking for* Examples* What do we expect from you?* What can you expect from us?* How to submit your proposal___ About Autscape ___Autscape is an autistic conference. It is run by and for autisticpeople. The environment and content of the event are centred aroundautistic people's needs, interests and sensitivities.___ Theme ___The theme for this year's Autscape is 'Exploring Inclusion'.This is a broad theme that encompasses exploration of autism andinclusion from within every possible context. We invite proposers tointerpret the theme freely and creatively.Possible example topics include (but are *not* limited to):- exploring the inclusion of autistics within various social environments (schools and universities, workplaces, leisure, sports and hobbies clubs, religious establishments, etc.);- exploring how the autistic community can better accommodate autistics who have additional conditions/disabilities;- applying the concept of autistic space to various additional social environments, in order to allow better inclusion of autistics in those environments;- developing the concept of autistic space to allow better inclusion of various types of autistics within the autistic community;- exploring how the autistic community could better accommodate autistics who belong to additional minority groups.Presentations which seek to develop this theme will be given priority;however, any suitable topic, even if it is not directly related toautism, will be considered.___ What we are looking for ___We are looking for quality proposals by qualified presenters, but'qualifications' don't have to be formal.We wish to explore a broad range of perspectives on being autistic, boththeoretical and practical. Many different types of input are welcome:traditional lectures, creative expression, physical activity,interactive workshops and more.Although many of the autistic people who are attracted to Autscape arehighly verbal, others may have difficulty with an event centred aroundlanguage. Therefore, we are also seeking workshops which are notprimarily focused on the spoken word.Selected proposals are likely to have these features:- The topic is relevant to Autscape. Although non-autistic people are welcome to attend, the vast majority of participants are autistic and the programme is for us, not about us. All presentations must be positive in their support for autistic people and our right to be autistic. There should be something about each presentation that makes it something you would find at Autscape, in autistic space, and not just anywhere.- The presenter is qualified. This does not mean you need to have a long list of academic qualifications. It does mean that you should know what you are talking about and be able to demonstrate some expertise in it. Experience of presenting or teaching your activity is an asset. There should be a reason that we want you, not just anyone, to present about it.- The presentation is structured, informative and relevant. It keeps the participants engaged. There is evidence that the presenter has taken care to prepare this topic for this audience. It is worth the participants paying their often very limited money for.The sort of thing that may be selected:- Lectures and workshops in the traditional style about topics that are of interest to autistic people and preferably fit with the theme.- Physical activities such as yoga, martial arts, or other movement or exercise which have been specifically adapted for autistic participants.- Creative activities such as art, music or drama presented in a way that is relevant to, and adapted for, autistic participants.- Practical activities that can help autistic people live better, for example, coping with sensory issues or using communication aids.The sort of thing that is unlikely to be selected:- Lectures about one's personal experience of being (growing up) autistic. We all have personal experience of autism. If your presentation is primarily based on your personal experience, think carefully how it can help attendees find new understanding of their own situation. Please let us know what you're hoping those present will gain from your presentation.- Discussions on a topic of interest where the participants provide most of the material. These are an important part of Autscape, but don't require the sort of expertise and preparation we expect for presentations.- Workshops about curing or preventing autism, unless it is from an advocacy standpoint.- Undeveloped ideas or topics. If you haven't had time to thoroughly think through your proposal, it may be better to wait until next year. If you are sure of what you want to present, but are having difficulty describing it in words, we may be able to help.Note: if your proposal is not selected for the main Autscape programme,you may still offer it as a participant-led activity. There will be anopportunity to submit these in advance so they can be timetabled, butyou may also book them at Autscape itself.___ Examples ___For examples of what has been presented as part of the Autscape mainprogramme in the past, see the presentations from previous years at:http://www.autscape.org/2017/programme/presentations___ What do we expect from you? ___Reliability: you need to be able to assure us that except for unforeseencircumstances you will be there to present as agreed.Presentation materials: please send copies of any handouts and computerpresentations (for example, PowerPoint) by the date requested (to beconfirmed, about two weeks before Autscape). These will be madeavailable for download and printing by Autscape participants. Inaddition we can print a limited number of pages for handouts. You retainthe copyright to your material.Your details and presentation summary: the summary and bio you submitwith your proposal will be published on our website. You may correct,modify or update them once after your proposal is accepted (except forany errors that are our fault).Permission to record: as a reasonable adjustment for people withprocessing difficulties, some audience members will audio record yourpresentation for personal use. This is *not* optional. We may also seekyour permission to video or otherwise record your presentation. Theserecordings may be made available to others by Autscape. This *is*optional. Denying permission will not prejudice decision makers againstyour presentation, and permission can be withdrawn at any time prior todistribution. If you have any questions, please let us know so we candiscuss it.___ What can you expect from us? ___Accommodation: you will receive one day's attendance at Autscape free ofcharge. Presenters will be accommodated on-site for the day of theirpresentation including the night before or after. Only one such placecan be offered for each presentation, regardless of the number ofpresenters. Whenever you are not presenting you can enjoy the event,including other workshops and the setting, just as any other participant.Audience: a rare opportunity to be heard by a significant number ofautistic people. A chance to have some influence and get some feedbackfrom the people who matter most in the field of autism.Respect and consideration: we will do our best to meet any special needsor requirements you may have, as long as you communicate them to us withsufficient notice.___ How to submit your proposal ___To submit your proposal, please use the form here:http://www.autscape.org/proposals/proposalformIf you have difficulty accessing or completing the form, please email:programme@autscape.orgWe do not accept submissions by email unless you have exceptionalreasons for being unable to access the form (for example, learningdifficulties or technical limitations).Due to a high level of competition in recent years, late submissionswill not normally be considered. If you think you will have any problemswith the form, the deadline, or any other aspect of submitting aproposal, please contact us *before* the deadline. Submissions by othermeans or after the deadline should not be considered accepted until orunless they have been acknowledged by the Programme Coordinator.The board will decide which presentations to accept for Autscape andwill inform everybody who has made a proposal of their decision by 16May 2018.Remember, ALL PROPOSALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 16 APRIL 2018.
  11. Hi

    Hi, yes there is nothing locally. We have decided to move out of the area, as much as we like our house and the space we have here I need some support, be it from a local group or the NHS. It will mean a substantial reduction in house size and no garden which isn’t ideal with the dogs, but there are areas where the NHS do have services .. Nottingham is one and is as local to my family as we can find. It’s a two hour drive from them but that seems to be the ASD postcode lottery. I’ve spent the last 2 years fighting the local CMHS, they’re all we have but they don’t have anyone qualified to deal with autism. It’s no fun having to fight the very people who are supposed to help you.
  12. Im back

    Hi and welcome hope we can help.
  13. Hi

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm in my late 30s and struggling to get some post diagnostic support because they can't find my diagnosis. Been fighting the local Asd service for over three years now and it's getting ridiculous. You tried seeing if theres a peer support group in your area? I down Bristol way so unsure what there is in your area.
  14. Hi

    Hi, I’m Sue, I live in North Lincolnshire and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Asperger’s and Dyspraxia at the age of 47, two years ago. I suffer with anxiety and depression as a direct result of the ASD (thank you to the GP who spent a decade describing me as neurotic!) and I’m finding that any help for Asperger’s is hard to find, but once you’re over 18 it’s almost impossible. I’ve tried all the charities, I envy my nephew, he’s an adult who lives in a city with a specialist NHS Asperger’s Centre, I’m assuming they’re thin on the ground. I’m currently waiting for a social services assessment to see if I can get funding to pay a local organisation for help. The crazy thing is our local CMHS discharged me after persuading me to go for an ASD assessment. They don’t deal with autism, so they don’t deal with its effects. A total cop out IMHO. I’m 50 soon and I want some control back, my life has fallen apart and I want to put it back together but I need help from people who understand, because I really don’t. Menopause is I think adding to my general feeling of ‘bleurgh’ but I’m not a miserable person. I will admit to being fairly happy without the company of others, but I love my dogs and rabbits, oh and the husband I have become a complete recluse, scared by shops, doctors, dentists, even the hairdresser! It’s not who I was and I need to get things back on some kind of even keel. I’m hoping there are adults on here who have had late diagnoses who I can chat to and we can exchange experiences and hopefully I can make some friends. It’s isolating being the only female Aspie over the age of 20 that I know. My hobbies when I could leave the house .. I had a 1200 Bandit motorbike, I loved that bike! I enjoyed walking, photography, and painting from photographs. Now I’m stuck in I’m a bit of a COD WW2 fan, I’m enthusiastic rather than good! I also love to knit and as I’ve mentioned before I love my menagerie. I’m also a lover of music, popular not classical, anything from ‘70s punk to country, and I enjoy crime fiction audiobooks, I find it easier to absorb a book by listening to it than reading it. Anyway enough of my waffling, lovely to ‘meet’ you all and thanks for adding me x
  15. Student son, Aspergers?

    I'm not an expert, but I think it's plausible. In my opinion, I don't think there's any harm in asking the question, and I would bring it up to him, but do it in a nonchalant way when you're relaxed, maybe sitting in front of the telly having a conversation, but not in the middle of a family argument for example. I would say something like 'I've heard of this Asperger's condition, does this sound like you...?'. In my own experience, I suspect I might have Asperger's, but the penny only dropped for me at the age of 39, and I am currently awaiting assessment. When I disclosed this to my family, it seemed like everybody knew except for me, but they hadn't told me and it looked like they never would, and I was quite annoyed about that because if I'd known earlier my life might have been easier! Get him to take the Asperger's AQ test, which is available online http://aspergerstest.net/aq-test/ , it's not a diagnostic test but it is a good indication of whether someone might have Asperger's or not. Hope this helps!
  16. After School, what then?

    Hello Peaches, Your grandson should be undergoing a transition now to his post-16 placement. Does he have an Education, Health and Care Plan? Has a post 16 target been identified? Is there a contingency plan? Have any visits to his target venue been arranged? If he has an EHCP, has consultation taken place with his next venue (even if this is Sixth Form in his current school)? You are absolutely correct, professionals cannot simply assume he will transition to his next placement with no problems. Furthermore, what assistance are you getting? What independent living skills training is your g/s receiving? Where are specialist ASC services or social care? I am sorry, I only have questions. My own experience is not good. Post-16 was disastrous for both my sons, but your sons' transition should be well under way by now. It is not all about academic performance as you know so well.
  17. I am a 22-year old female aspie still living at home, on disability, not in college despite being high functioning. I have been trying to be independent by getting my own credit card, phone plan, things like that. I've recently signed up for (and successfully attended once so far without quitting-yay me!) an acting class in a large city an hour away from home. I like cities, and I would really like to find a job soon and be able to go to work and to my class, etc, using Uber, be able to use public transport to meet with friends or coworkers on my own, etc. I have a hard time remembering things, however. I also tend to procrastinate a bit. I'm anxious and depressed and recently went off medication because it was causing serious health issues and not working well. I am supposed to be meditating, keeping a journal, and blocking off time for my creative projects. I am supposed to be taking time reading and watching things other than those that pertain to my special interests, or stimming, (i.e. venturing out.) I did well at my class and was surprised that I didn't feel the need to stim because I wasn't bored. I keep thinking things like, "I'm going to meditate today" or "I'm going to take an hour to write my story" or "I'm going to read a fanfic that isn't about my special interest show or "I'm going to stop stimming at this time." But I will always manage to get lost stimming for hours on end and looking at/reading about the special interests (The X-Files, bras, politics/activism, medicine, sexual techniques) for hours. I will think like, "Well I know 6.5 hours of sleep makes me feel more agreeable. I'm going to go to bed at 12AM, wake up at 6:30." But then I will end up falling asleep at 7PM or not until 4AM, randomly waking up at 4:30 AM or not until 1PM. I know I need a schedule/alarm/whatever, but I need a very specific one. One that will let me type in a message and say it out loud when it goes off, with directions. like this: "Time to wake up" "It's been x days since you last did laundry." "You should eat soon." "Time to stim for x amount of time" "It's 65 degrees today, dress accordingly." "It is your mother's birthday in a week, get her something." "Almost time for your period, make sure you have tampons." You have a class/appointment at x time in x city. Here is how you will get there, there's x amount of traffic, this is the weather in that location." "Your credit card payment of $150 is due on x day. You need to deposit x amount by then. Remember to get checks and stamps." "You haven't pooped in x days, should you take something for that?" ""You haven't worked on the screenplay in 2 weeks, try for an hour at 5PM." "Write down how you feel in the journal, meditate/exercise/whatever for x amount of time." Is there an app that would do this at all. Or a series of them. I have iPhone (6s) so it would have to be compatible.
  18. I have brought up two children with autism/aspergers. I am bringing up 4 grandchildren. The youngest (9) shows traits of ASD but not enough for a diagnosis. A few years since we went twice to CAMHS and were told that after observing her in school there were no problems, she was doing really well at school, was quiet, never caused any trouble. If she had ASD she would show traits at home and at school. So I dropped it, despite disagreeing with this. My reasons were that my daughter's diagnosis wasnt made early enough as she was very quiet in school and caused no trouble. She got to 21 and had 4 concealed pregnancies before a diagnosis was made, despite her being seen by CAMHS at 14. I explained this to CAMHS and told them that girls have different ways of showing the symptoms. But I couldnt get beyond the young psychologist, and she kept saying there were no problems in school, only what I reported, she hadnt observed anything. At the moment the most troublesome problems are sensory with clothing, she wont respond to my repeated requests to do things, she is very loud. I have been through her refusal to get dressed in a morning and got to the bottom of it. The school uniform was too uncomfortable, she couldnt bear shoes and socks either, and at one point wore sandals in winter. I got round this by asking school permission for her to wear a plain white cotton t shirt, no cuffs, no collar binding. They allowed this. I also got permission for her to wear cotton bamboo lycra leggings in school colours. Instead of the school cardigan or sweatshirt she wears a soft hoodie and takes it off in the classroom. I order her socks from Israel, they are bamboo with no seams. (after trying every type of sock from UK stores). When searching for school shoes we have to ignore what the Clarks lady says and buy them too big so she cant feel them pressing anywhere. This is how we get to school on time in a morning. The above took two years to achieve, and at one point involved me carrying her to school and her getting dressed in front of the SENCO. I now make her clothing for out of school use, choosing soft materials and techniques. She will never tidy up or put things away, when asked. Most of the time she wont do homework when asked. If I withold treats, she does without. Her bedroom she shares, is always a mess, as she has to have the bed arranged a particular way. I am through with star charts. They dont work for her. Nor do marbles int he jar or whatever. She falls out with her sisters frequently and is very very loud. She wants to dictate the games they share. She has a special soft throw that she wraps herself in and finds comfort from that. She is very interested in gymnastics, and performs different gymnastics routines daily for around an hour, very minimally dressed. She is very bright for her age and does well in maths and English. At school she is very very quiet and some teachers cannot get a response. Like her brother, she sometimes responds with a sound. Right, I can understand that all that isnt a diagnosis for ASD. But in my opinion the sensory problem with clothing is bad enough to require treatment somehow as it gets in the way of everyday life. When she goes to comp she will have to wear a full uniform. Is it worth my pursuing this, or shall I just do what I have been doing and placate her with special clothing?
  19. My grandson got a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism, ADHD, Attachment Disorder and Developmental Coordination Disorder when he was 6. From age 8 he has taken methylphenidate for ADHD. He is doing well at school and is considered a natural mathematician. He doesnt see anyone about his autism but has a very good support assistant/key worker in school. He is now 15 and I am in fear for his future. School think he will definitely secure a university place in maths or science. How does a young person go to university when his living skills are so poorly developed Examples: I have to pour his drinks from bottles or he spills them. I have to get him up in a morning and select his clothes otherwise he wouldnt get up, and would make crazy choices like a pair of shorts at Christmas etc. He cannot prepare meals, I show him how to do parts of tasks and he can just about make toast and cheese and crackers. He is vulnerable and gullible when it comes to dealing with people and his relationships have to be supervised. OK so if he decides he doesnt want university, and he stays here with me everyday playing computer games, what about when I die? His mother was unable to bring him up because she couldnt priorities and neglected him and herself. What support is available for young people like this?
  20. Im back

    You were so helpful a few years ago when my grandson and daughter were newly diagnosed. Ive come back as I have a few more worries. Hello again!
  21. Student son, Aspergers?

    Hello, Looking for some help for my son (now 19). My wife and I have always been concerned that he has displayed some different trait's whilst he was growing up: Never getting excited at Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays etc. I mean nothing - He was even selected to carry the Olympic torch when he was younger, the response when we told him was was oh that's good and he just carried on doing what he doing like nothing had happened, didn't even discuss it (and never told anyone is school - it was just normal) When playing with his friends in the garden, I would shout for him repeatedly - so much so that all his friends would and stopped to look at me and he would carry on playing - it became a bit a joke with his brother, that after shouting his name 3 times and would should his brother to get him! We used to always joke he used to go to his own planet! I remember a load of friends coming round to watch a horror movie - I think for his birthday, I could see everyone else having a laugh, then I saw him totally engrossed in the film as if no-one else was around. His ability to lock himself into his own world has to be seen to be believed (the world could be ending before he noticed!!) ... I could go on..... When he was around 4 he had a grand mal seizure and stopped breathing, he was transferred to the nearest specialist children hospital and put on a breathing machine - the following day he came round and was sent home - however we had a different child, he become obsessed with things like going to a play place he had visited - the next day we had to take him (as he would repeated go on about it). It took him a long time to get back to being being normal (or like he was before) - but he never seemed the same again - we never raised this with anyone - and maybe we should of! He is incredibly focused, first at sports (long distance running - we asked him what goes through his head when he is racing and he said he would go through his physics or chemistry revision - is that normal?) then his exams. He is now at the top UK university (or 2nd depending on which ranking you look at!) so although there is some negativity to his behavior , it also allows him to be incredibly focused! At university he seems to have a really nice group of friends and after several pint's he looks like he really having a great time and fit's in, so not all bad :-) Although he has never been good in groups.... Oh and my Uncle had Aspergers, spent his whole adult life in care homes / institutions :-( Now the reason for the post..... He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 4 1/2 years (they were inseparable in that time and he was obsessed with seeing her, our lives then revolved around allowing him to spend time with her), she however, has decided to end it as she doesn't feel he shows her any feelings. She came up at the weekend to see him - he "says" he is upset but no tears - nothing (maybe this is good - but not what I'd expect - but that is just the way he is) We have some concerns that this will be a repeated process with him and I'm not sure what help he would get, or if giving him a label would help. However it may help us in dealing with him and the arguments we occasionally have. He is a wonderful lad, who has been incredibly successful but really struggles with any emotion or the ability to change his behavior. Am I just being paranoid? Is this just normal ( we do have another son - who is nothing like this...)
  22. Can a person have ADHD and ASD?

    Hi Trekster, thank for your reply, been reading this blog about adhd and it help me ADHD Goal , how about you, do you have something to share too?
  23. I had this problem at first with some of my family. I have found friends within the online autistic community, aspie village arranges regular meet ups in the UK. There is also the autscape organisation which run annual autistic led conferences. Are you in america? It's just this forum is aimed at UK people.
  24. your son is luckily to have a parents to understand , your son is not alone , i try to explain how i feel..... but they ignore... i wish i can leave my house someday if my parents pass away to move a new place to forgot anything is sad about what happen in the past which my sister pull me to do wrong thing in the past , i don't know that is wrong at that time untill few years now i know that is wrong and i feel sad, it is very complicative situation , that is a lession for whole my life then but my sister betray me, so i have to stay away from her,she did it first time , i forgive her, but she did second time, so i forgive second time ,but i have to stay away all that ,i don't know she will do it again in future, so i have to stay away , i said to them that i know i wrong, and i explain to them to understand to help me get overcome , they let me alone even they said that i have fault ,all my fault they pour all to me , it is very complicative situation,what do i do now? i can do work around , cause my parents don't let me go to work, they said i don't have degree, i can't interactive with others,so i have to looking job online, but no job for me online, do you know which website can i work like typing captcha, or typing sentence to get pay? thanks
  25. i just found that i have diagnostic asper autism in 32 year olds

    hi Maybe I am not the best person to comment but I have 8yo boy asper autism and he is going throo so much problems in his Young age and no one can not understand simple thing that this is disability that he cant control same behaviour and this is not up to him what his doing and now You in Your age has to explain to people around what You feel how You feel I cant even imagine how You feel but You have to be strong You know now what is wrong so You can try to work around hope You will manage to do it
  26. aspargus child exclusions and push to fail

    hi all I am new here but I feel like we try to fight all the time how long we have to do it until Jakub get the help today we send the email to school governors copied under what we can do any suggestions welcome as we feel hopeless sorry for the length hi I am very sorry that we get to the stage when I have to write to You and complain about the school approach to our disable son .He is attending to Nailsworth school since reception and since then he needed the extra help as he is autistic child and since very beginning we were honest with the school about Jakub's needs and always we were sheering the all information about the Jakub with school we manage to bring the paediatrician to school and we was appealing to SEN Tribunal when LA refused to give the extra help to Jakub. We trusted that the school know what they doing and supporting our son on the right level but the things changed since he started Y3 Jakub was removed from the school life more and more he stopped eating lunches with other, stopped playing with kids at the play time and he was removed form his class and he was put in to the separate room when his staying for 90% of his time he even wasn't allowed to go to the school trip even with the mum (decision was changed but the damage was made ). Then we went to his first exclusion what happened because school don't understand how to deal with autistic children (head teacher for the first time give Jakub new teacher to go with him on swimming pool without any explanation to our son, she didn't know Jakub;s routine on swimming pool Jakub started to be confuse and hit teacher by accident-he had dragon toy in his hands and it was little place). We feel like the school turns to be against our son instead of help him they try to fail him for example, when we picked the Jakub up yesterday from the school we were told that he was ok and he completed the maths task and maybe he will get certificate during assembly .Today when I was taking Jakub to the school I was ask by deputy to have a chat and I was taken to Jakubs room (were he spend 90% of his time ) and I was told in front of him that when he went Yesterday to the class he told to the boy(reported before to the teachers that Jakub don't like him as he is not nice to him and provoke him to do silly things) that he kill him and if this happen again he will be excluded from the Monday trip so I suggested to deputy to start to do they homework and learn bit more about autistic child and this that he can say a lot things out which really don't mean nothing and I requested the meeting with the head teacher .Then my wife get the phone from school to came and pic up Jakuub home early, when my wife go to the school she was told that Jakub bite the teacher so she asked what happen and then she find out that Jakub was told that he can not get the certificate because his mats have to be checked again and then he get very angry and when TA try to hold him he bite her all what they have to do it just give him this certificate and he will be happy boy but not instead off this they provoked the situation and expect Jakub to understand .So now Jakub is excluded from the school tomorrow and he can not go on Monday trip .From our point of view this situation should to be avoided with the minimal knowledge of the Jakubs disability (what reaction they were expecting Jakub was so happy about this certificate -first this year- and next day sorry but no???) .We parents think that it is very unfear ,Jakub wanted go to assembly -first time this year-to pick up his certificate what could be such a big step for our son but by stupid mistake all gone and yet they punished Jakub so much ,especially Monday's trip. Head teacher is going to deny it because he wants our son to be send to another school -he told this to us-so we are afraid that school will provoke another situation like this(this is only our guesses we don't to accuse anybody) ,we are so confuse we don't know who is telling true ?Who we can trust now? I want to add that 2 weeks ago Jakub was on the class trip and he was really behaving well ,maybe too well ? Maybe this is the reason why he cant go on Monday trip? We are not happy with the school approach to our son and his learning 90% is done in home and instead of giving us his book every day as we requested we get the bulk work as nobody know what he has to do it were his books are no one coordinated his learning journey. We would like to remand You the inclusion school duties Activities within the school Mainstream schools and maintained nursery schools (but not FE institutions) must ensure that children (but not young people) with SEN ‘engage in the activities of the school together with children who do not have special educational needs’ provided that this is reasonably practicable, does not prevent them from receiving the support they need, and does not prevent the efficient education of the other children and the efficient use of resources (C & F ACT 2014, section 35). The reason for a child’s exclusion from activities must therefore fall within these conditions. The Equality Act 2010 should also be useful if a disabled child or young person is being excluded from activities (this Act covers young people too) and requires the school/institution to increase access, to anticipate and prevent problems and to use reasonable steps to include children and young people in activities. Remember also that inclusion is meant to be a fundamental principle underpinning the Code so exclusion from the Monday trip is great example of the Jakub's discrimination again We hardly believe that the school can do much more and much better to support our son in main stream education we believe that this school should to be for everybody including autistic children we would like to have a meeting to further discus our son future in this school
  27. i am so sad cause i just found it in 32 year olds ,i am so sad that when i diagnostic this i tell my falmily to get help ,but they doubt me, and when trouble came i try explain , but nobody understand me,make him upset he said he will kill me or slap my face if i not stop explain , cause when i was young i have sytom i heard my father tell me that i sit on my father and hit my head to his chest several time then i can sleep , even when i am first grade ,i can't awareness to study and read the alpheal like a b b.... but luckily after that i found that i have new teacher she help me how to read..... but i still fall first grade.... even i didn't interactive to another femal or male in school and even interactive to my family ,i have one friend not have much friend but i can't interactive to her cause i can't communicative long to her . Even when i grow up, i just finish study 9 nine grade,i can't study higher class , i don't have job too, , i have been miss class and slow awerness and i can't understand non verbal ...... . I fell hopeless anything ,what do i do if my parents past away someday , my parents now over 60 years old thank helping read my words
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