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  2. I would like to invite all parents to give your insights on how do you cope with daily situations during lockdown. If you have a child on the autism spectrum, please consider completing this survey as part of my MSc project to help understand which coping strategies are more helpful for you and your child. I will be happy to share the final results with you, if you would like it. The survey takes place on the online platform Qualtrics and your participation is free, voluntary and anonymous. The project is being supervised by Dr. Charlotte R. Stoner and has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Greenwich. Your participation will be very appreciated as it will be usedful to build evidence on how to deliver a better support to parents of children with autism in case another pandemic takes place. You can complete the survey here: https://greenwichuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cC8fin0EPkhIfR4 Thank you very much and, if you have further questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message!
  3. Apparently, Naughty Dog wants to remake it too. I hope Naughty Dog isn't becoming like Capcom. As for Silent Hill. Well, stay tuned for E3.
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  5. Hi parents!! My name is Julia and I'm a psychologist at the University of Greenwich (London). How are you? and how are you coping with this lockdown? I know restrictions might have affected some of you and that is why I would like to invite you all to take part in my study. I would consider your personal experiences regarding which coping strategies did you use when dealing with stressful situations. If you are a parent of a child on the autistic spectrum living in the UK and would like to contribute to this short research, please feel free to participate by accessing this survey link. It will only take up to 12 minutes to complete! https://greenwichuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cC8fin0EPkhIfR4 Your help will contribute to this field by providing evidence to better design parental coping strategies which professionals can use in case a similar pandemic takes place. If you have any comments or questions about the study, please feel free to contact me (the researcher) at jf2248j@greenwich.ac.uk.
  6. Has anyone seen "Drive Me to the End"? It is a dark comedy film (made in 2020) in which a twenty something man is persuaded to give a lift to an autistic young woman who is a distant relative, to a funeral in the North of Scotland ( a two day journey away). I believe the film can be watched free online for subscribers to Amazon Prime at the time that this post was written. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/3Wb2V_eOJbE
  7. The Many Faces of Science: An Introduction to Scientists, Values and Society by Leslie Stevenson & Henry Byerly
  8. I am currently listening to foo fighters medicine to midnight and kings of Leon new album new offspring album is coming out later this month
  9. It probably has the best story in any video game
  10. I heard of silent hill I am not a fan of horror / paranormal video games but play last of us and last of us part Ii you want to play a well written game and it fun to play
  11. Seen on the BBC website. "Autism: Parents of blind girl want better vitamin A testing Parents of an autistic girl who lost her sight because of a vitamin A deficiency are campaigning to prevent the same happening to other children. Sam and David Mildon's daughter Bella, 12, lost her sight after routine blood tests failed to pick up the deficiency. They are calling for more comprehensive testing for all autistic children who suffer from dietary restrictions. Advisory body NICE is reviewing its guidance about handling nutritional deficits among children with autism.": https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-56498467
  12. This thread is wonderful to find. I have a young teen with amazing “dark humor” and Ive been trying to share with him that he should consider the appropriate audience or setting before sharing his jokes. Ie w buddies vs in church or in school. He seems to not understand how it may not be funny to others and could even get him in trouble. To him if its funny then others should accept it as a joke and think its funny too and not be offended. I have shared that while I support his authenticity and accept his humor as part of him (even if Im shocked sometimes) that Im trying to share some important social akills because some of the things he says could get him fired at a job some day etc. (time and place). He also enjoys the shock humor as well. So while I get it how might I impart some basic guidelines on how to assess a “scene” to figure out what is appropriate to share? Add impulse control and a teen that I want to keep strong in himself as his amazing individual self.
  13. Hi all, I have not been assessed to see if I have Aspergers or not but I believe I may have it based on discussions with my family about my behaviours, completing online Aspergers tests (I normally score around 40, whereas 28-31 indicates Aspergers) and by reading content online from others and noticing I do similar things that they have noted. To quickly summarise I Love: Working and collecting data Working alone Memorising phone numbers, bank card numbers, car number plates and dates of birth. Noticing patterns in things I find difficult: Social interactions Working with people -Building friendships To resume something after interruption Change of routine Making eye contact I noticed I: Find it difficult to know when it is my turn to speak on the phone Fixate on the small details rather than the whole picture and will constantly work at something until it is complete. Constantly talk around people I am comfortable with about what I want to talk about, not what they want to talk about. Randomly say quotes from movies or lyrics form songs and repeatedly say these quotes or lyrics out loud to people. Get anxious when forced to be around large groups of people. Find it hard to let go of things(for example if I shouted at on the phone by a customer in work, this will annoy me and I will keep thinking about it for many days) I am thinking that it would be best to get assessed as to whether I have Aspergers or not, even though I don't think it will make a great deal of change in my life, I would still like to have confirmation either way. Would any of you that have been diagnosed recommend it is the best thing to do? Or would it be better to just try to mask these behaviours as best as possible and get on with things as best I can? Would you also think any of the following below are possible Aspergers behaviours? I think of a word in my head and try to use "line combinations" to write the word in the fewest line combinations as possible. e.g. I will spell out the word "Ten" with nine lines/sticks When walking between destinations I will pick a random number of seconds e.g. 600 and I will count in my head to see if I can reach home before this target. If I am quicker than the target I will lower the amount of seconds as a challenge. When I am tracking a package I will check/refresh the tracking information at least 100 times per day to see if the package has moved. I will also do the same if I post on a forum. I will check the page around 100 times to see if someone has left a new comment. In my job (Help desk IT Analyst) I feel panic each time I have to answer a call and feel extreme relief when I finish a call. I will also have problems knowing when it is my turn to speak and will often talk over people. I will also try to talk to customers via instant messaging if possible rather than call them back. Thanks to anyone who takes time to read this and/or reply.
  14. News story seen online. "Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Nick Hine reveals he is autistic after being diagnosed 10 years ago Vice Admiral Nick Hine has revealed he is autistic after being diagnosed 10 years ago and said that the military needs more ‘neurodiversity’. The Second Sea Lord, 55, opened up about his condition as he encouraged others with autism to join the armed forces. Hine said that the only way the British military could compete with adversaries that have more advanced technology and larger funds would be through ‘thinking differently’ and hiring people with neurological disorders. ... ". https://broread.com/2021/03/12/second-sea-lord-vice-admiral-nick-hine-reveals-he-is-autistic-after-being-diagnosed-10-years-ago/
  15. I am not familiar with that one, I am more of a "Freecell" player.
  16. Is it possible to have a diagnosis removed from my medical record, for instance if I felt the the diagnosis was wrong. It was made by a private clinic, but it was a referral from the GP.
  17. I have been thinking about my relationship with food recently. I usually blame my 'fussiness' on my aversion to many textures, and since I know my safe foods aren't all that healthy and can't eat them for all meals of the day, I really don't eat that much at all (maybe 1-2 small meals a day.) I'm starting to wonder, at what point does it become an eating disorder? Yes I have issues with my weight and probably subconsciously avoid eating because of that, but I dislike eating mostly because of my sensory issues. What defines an eating disorder? Please let me know if this isn't the best place to post this, and rhank you for your feedback.
  18. The Ealing comedy "The Ladykillers" is one of my favourite films:
  19. 2020 was horrid. I hope 2021 won't be just as lame. My Silent Hill thread got posted in the wrong section. Sorry about that...
  20. It's a video game franchise that concerns a strange town, shrouded in fog. The second one on the PS2 and Xbox is generally considered to be one of the best games of all time. The series has been dormant since 2012, unfortunately. But I myself (thesaunderschild) love to play horror video games. Supposedly, a reboot is going to be unveiled this summer. Are you a fan of these games?
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    My cat actually really likes poppadoms, dont know why but make sure to omly feed them it in small crumbs so they dont choke :D
  22. I know this is a super old feed but I wanted to quickly pop in and say that I'm in the process of having myself and my three children diagnosed with Asperger's/asd/HFA (I will note here that this is still very new and I know terminology can be offensive if it's out of date and it differs from different countries and this is a UK feed and I'm in Canada so if I don't use terminology correctly please don't be offended and I will not be offended if you correct me) I'm also noticing alot of patterns in other kin. One thing that every single one of us that we suspect have autism has had a long history of issues with nose bleeds. I cannot speak for everybody but I can speak for myself. I continuously and constantly picked my nose as a young kid. It was an obsession and a way for me to zone out. I hid it very well. Through the years I know times my nose bleeds were caused by excessive picking. I've also noticed over the years that it takes very little to cause a nosebleed. I may have damaged something in my early days. I also think there could be a link between nose bleeds and those with extreme anxieties panic and stress. I have a rare skin condition and when my mental health is Moody my body physically is a broke out broken mess. And if my nose was going to bleed this is when it would happen. My middle son has had so many nosebleeds over the years. His were definitely not caused by nose picking as every single one of his nosebleeds happen while in school and in class (he did everything in his power to fit in and not be noticed and would never sit in class and pick his nose) He has severe separation anxiety. He suffers from a great deal of quiet panic and holds his emotions in. Also waiting for a diagnosis. my youngest child has been suffering with a lot of behavioral issues and recently has been diagnosed with ADHD and has now been on medication for about a year. I've noticed a lot of changes in him and his emotions. He's very sentimental and definitely shows signs of anxiety panic. Just recently he started getting daily nosebleeds. Also waiting for a diagnosis of autism. So who really knows? I'll pop back in 8 to 10 years and see where this goes lol
  23. Funny how none of the participants on The Undateables get told "Relationships are no big deal", "You're too young to worry about having a boyfriend/girlfriend", "Relationships come along when you least expect it", "Just join a club" etc etc etc.
  24. Believe it or not, Nick Giuffre has been part of the world of Spectrum Fusion since before the program even began. He first met Dr. Heidi Ham when he was only 4 years old when he was a part of her Language Learning Group at the University of Houston. “At the time, I recommended that he add intensive occupational therapy intervention as well to address developmental dyspraxia,” Dr. Ham said. Nick participated in her Language Learning Group for two years and then they parted ways. Dr. Ham moved to London and Nick began his lifelong participation in sports. He played basketball for 10 years, took gymnastics for 9, and ran track for 4 years. “They partially led to me wanting to become a fitness trainer,” said Nick. “I also wanted to become a personal fitness trainer because I wanted to stay involved in sports and fitness, helping people lose weight because I went through and am still going through a weight loss journey myself.” After graduating high school, Nick continued his education at Shreiner University. Initially, he had some difficulties with schedule management, the size of his workload, and separation anxiety from being away from home, but with the support of Dr. Ham and executive functioning therapists, he was able to learn strategies for organization and studying through the Spectrum Fusion Wings Program. With the help of Spectrum Fusion, Nick aced his final class and now holds an Associate’s Degree in Global Perspectives. After earning his Associate’s, Nick volunteered to lead Spectrum Fusion’s new health initiatives called ‘Healthy Fusion’ and ‘Power Fusion’, designed to help adults on the Spectrum embrace healthy eating and living habits, and be more active. Nick jumped at the opportunity to use his fitness expertise to help others. However, Nick was eager to expand his activities in the field of physical fitness and one day truly turn it into a career. Unsure how to go about this, he joined a personal training certification course. The course proved to be more challenging than first expected, requiring advanced knowledge of anatomy and other exercise sciences, but on October 20, 2020, Nick passed the final exam and earned his ACE Personal Training Certification. Encouraged after completing such a milestone accomplishment, Nick says earning his certificate has helped him to feel ready to accomplish a lot more. Finding a job has been a difficult prospect during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but through Nick’s perseverance, he has already found an opportunity to put his new certification to use. In January of 2021, Nick was recommended by multiple parties to become a personal fitness trainer at LA Fitness Richmond location through Spectrum Fusion’s Reactor Room Program. One activator was Dan Vasquenza from Georgia who used to work for the Atlanta Hawks and the other was Richard Leach from Leach & Minnick law firm. The first connection didn’t go through but it was a great practice interview and the second was a winner! After shadowing under his mentor Andre for a week, Nick is now employed as a professional fitness trainer. JT is the lead trainer and he is impressed with Nick’s attention to detail and his dedication to the team. Nick is excited to explore further opportunities in the field of physical fitness, and he is considering returning to college at some point to complete his Bachelor’s Degree. For now, Nick is proud of the accomplishments he’s made and is ready to take the fitness world by storm and soar to new heights. Source: Spectrum Fusion
  25. Hello, There no treatments which i know about i also have sematic pragmatic disorder i was diagnosed i believe at 7 years old i have never spoken to anyone else with the same conditions. I do however have things which help it and ways in which i have learnt to manage it growing up. I am now 19 years old and studying at Uni.
  26. Hi everyone! For my dissertation, I am conducting surveys about the effect of friendship quality on mental health in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you have a child age 4-13 with a diagnosis of Autism, I invite you to complete my survey, which will take only 20 minutes! Findings could lead to a greater understanding of the effect of friendship quality on mental health in autistic children. Please email me at pt00254@surrey.ac.uk if you have any questions. The link is here: https://surreyfahs.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_etCpqsUlJzZiWH3
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