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  2. And more germane to the current situation: Grants Online / Coronavirus
  3. I'm already on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Slack ... I can't handle any more social media!
  4. I recently found this reading list which may be helpful: Essential autistic reading list - Lizzie Huxley-Jones
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  6. The term "speed friending" makes it sound like a very high-stressed situation... Not at all conducive to people communicating and bonding with each other on their own terms, but please let me know more about it and (hopefully) prove me wrong!
  7. My son who has autism was continent of bowel and bladder until he started working. He is 23 and started to work last year. He is not working anymore due to his incontinence. I think it might be a sensory issue because he says he doesn’t realize it’s going to happen until it already has? All his doctors and specialist so far don’t know what to make of it? His gastroenterologist said it may be a behavior issue which his autism physician may need to address? We are going to go see a urologist next week. What should I try next? Any suggestions.
  8. In "Broad Spectrum" on Radio 4, a woman called Helen Keen, talks about her adult diagnosis of Autism: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000mcyj
  9. Yes, they amalgamated various Edinburgh colleges together to give Edinburgh College. They amalgamated colleges in other parts of Scotland as well and there were cuts, which often led to courses which had previously been available in some towns not being available in some towns anymore, which is awkward for some people. Colleges offer a useful service to many people, it is a pity that they don't have more money spent on them. Perhaps they don't have as much political "clout" as universities. I went to university in Edinburgh in the 1980s, I liked the place. I particularly like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - so many things on. After I left, I would use a week of my Summer holiday visiting the Fringe. It is a great pity that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe etc was not on this year due to the Covid-19 situation. Were you in any well known movies? Did you appear at the Fringe? Edinburgh features in quite a few films: https://www.reelstreets.com/region/scotland/
  10. What's "speed friending"? Sounds like a contradiction in terms.
  11. Yeah. I really enjoyed studying performing arts in Edinburgh College. This was when it was called "Edinburgh's Telford College" a number of years ago. :D I miss those days. Now I've not had much luck at all, acting-wise. I was in a few movies, however. :(
  12. Finally he's got a move in date. My autistic son 26 moves into his supported liveing flat on the 12th October. Can't beleive it's happening. Its great. He's happy. I'm happy. A new chapter. It's been tough but I'm looking forward to a new type of life. Brilliant social worker. Happy days.
  13. If you missed this, you can download the podcast. Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000m5lh
  14. "Alleged computer hacker Lauri Love: Living with my autism" Interesting video clip on the BBC web site, in which Lauri talks about his autism and "... Lauri describes daily life with his autism, and how a nice comment from someone can turn into a painful assault for him. ... ": https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-54072509
  15. Dara has gone on to win a literary prize: "NI schoolboy Dara McAnulty 'stunned' after literary prize win" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-54079413
  16. From other posts you seem to be based in Edinburgh, are the colleges there good (in particular autism friendly), please?
  17. hi everyone ! i have recently been told by two friends that i appear to have autism or more likely aspergers .i have been emotionaly or mentally disturbed for a few years brought on by lifes strains and difficulties . i am 58 , i behave very similarly to the kids who find things very funny . shallow crude "jokes " i find rather distasteful . anything with depth , wit , and insight i find hilarious . i find a lot of people dont understand me because they are not inteligent enough or perhaps dont see as deeply into things as i do . my language skills are above average but its difficult for me to comunicate . i assume people say what they mean because i say exactly what i mean so there can be no confusion but it appears that most talk in riddles or euphamisms or hint at what they mean out of general politeness !! most people do this filtered ,reading between the lines stuff and make slight faces etc to comunicate . i dont get it at all . i see it afterwards but thats too late . i have very few friends and live a very lonely life . this is a poor attempt to describe something that has troubled me all my life , due to comunication problems its almost imposssible to make it clear without others misunderstanding me . worse when i was a child , much much worse . sorry i say too much too !
  18. Hello, My partner, who has Asperger's, recently started school and is really stressed about their grades and their future. I think this might have to do with their autism, I'm not a professional on this subject. They have recently have had sensory overloads due to school and has been feeling very sensory in general. I would like to know if anyone has faced similar issues adjusting to new things while feeling stressed, and what I can do to help them while they are feeling this way. I apologize if there are any factual errors because like I said previously I know very little about this. Thank you.
  19. diane c


    Can anyone help me please? My 28 year old son has turned very nasty towards me and cannot understand how the pressure over the years of living with a partner (my husband, his father) with Aspergers has affected my mental wellbeing so much. I love my husband and we get on well now but this has affected my behevaioiur and mental wellbeing quite significantly over the years, much to my regret. My son just says that his dad is what he is and can't help it (yes, I know that) but that I have "behavioural issues that need addressed". I just can't get through to him how hard it has been.
  20. Tuesday 1 September at 09:00 on Radio 4; repeated at 21:30 Francesca Happé on autism The Life Scientific When Francesca Happé started out as a research psychologist thirty years ago, she thought she could easily find out all there was to know about autism – and perhaps that wouldn’t have been impossible as there were so few papers published on it. Francesca’s studies have increased our knowledge of how people with autism experience the world around them, and their social interactions. She’s looked at their brains using various imaging techniques, studied the families of people with autism to explore their genetics, and raised awareness of how the condition can appear differently in women than in men. Jim al-Khalili talks to Francesca, now Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in London, about her research career and her current projects, including how people with autism experience mental health issues, such as PTSD.
  21. I did that as a play in college. I've got so many DVDs. Some rare ones on eBay can cost up to £70. That's because they are out of print, but it kind of feels like you're being ripped off with prices that are so steep. It's not an easy hobby. :)
  22. My son also had cysts and we had many follow up ultrasounds to keep an eye on them. They were gone by the last ultrasound. He was diagnosed with Autism before his second birthday, and later on because of how smart he is the changed their diagnoses to Aspergers. With all the research I have done I am certain that there is a connection. recently a friend of mine who is now 20 weeks pregnant was also told there was cysts on babes brain..
  23. I have never seen a film that scared me more than the wicked witches in the film "The Wizard of Oz", which I saw when I was a child
  24. If this isn't the right place to post this, please move. Hi everyone, I used to run a group in-person, but have now transitioned to ZOOM. It's doing really well and wanted to let anyone know that might be interested. We have two weekly discussion groups, and one social activities group every week. We also have a Speed Friending event coming up and a Dating & Sexuality workshop. For anyone interested, here's the link. meetup.com/empoweringautism The location says California, but people from all over the world are now joining since we are now meeting on ZOOM.
  25. This is an excellent way of describing the situation. Yeah with gender being an abstract concept and autism causing difficulties in understanding abstract concepts it makes sense with what you've said.
  26. Thank you for the update much appreciated I hope your children continue to progress. Really pleased that your child got the diagnosis needed. In some places it's more like 3 years. Many trans patients have some combination of autism (or adhd), eds, (c)ptsd. Thank you for fighting for your kids. Unfortunately in adult assessments those who can mask their symptoms are 'falling through the net' and missing out on a diagnosis.
  27. For those who are trying to understand gender/sexuality/expression this may help. For example, you may be very feminine in your expression by wearing makeup, having long hair and preferring skirts, while being very masculine in your identity by seeing yourself as male, having male behaviours etc
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