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  1. On 10/20/2020 at 6:14 AM, Worried parent said:

    Hi my son has autism, he’s 16 and now is refusing to go to school and started locked himself in room. He was always struggling to attend school, he extremely clever but has social anxiety. He wants to go to college but I don’t know how this will happen? Will he get more motivated as he gets older ? He stayed staying in his room night and say and became withdrawn, It started two weeks ago when he just stayed in bed for 4 days and only came out the day of his 16th. And one week later is back in his room and blocked door with furniture so we can’t open door. He wants to go to school but doesn’t, he wants to do sport but doesn’t. School is amazing support but and keeps saying he’ll go in but he can’t go and I think he’s very disappointed he’s not going. He’s definitely got depression at min. We attend lucina but he’s still not participating in life. He wonts take his medication now and I’m so worried about him. Covid 19 hasn’t helped Any advice ? 

    Since this was posted back in October - I'll ask, do you still read the forums? Just checking as a 30 year old who used to do exactly this during adolescence (at various stints.)  

  2. On 6/17/2020 at 11:39 AM, Aut_Scot said:

    I was wondering if there was a reason for the lack of new posts and what could be done to attract new posters.

    A few key members left back in 2012 - then gradually, the children of the original members grew up and left home.

    2010/11 was the golden era - there'd be a new post every few minutes more than less. I suppose I could email a few old members and see if they'd consider coming back, but it'd only be short lived. Too many years have gone by. And ASD isn't the obscure misunderstood thing it used to be - the world is much easier to function in nowadays because the help is just easier to access. 

  3. On 13/03/2020 at 3:48 PM, cultofbyron said:

    :bat:  Ahh... forums, emoticons/"smilies", how very early-noughties!

    I'm not sure about this place in particular, but communication in the digital realm seems to be shifting towards more intimate one-to-one platforms, whereas "social media" is now 15 years old and quite often becomes a cess-pool of hostility and trolling.  The other exception to this that I've encountered is the Ravelry forums for knitters and crocheters, not the most venomous bunch to begin with to be sure, but there you go!  The internet is changing and things like websites and using a PC (or even a laptop!) may once again become the domain of the geeks, techies and nerds (thank goodness!) as everyone else is on Instagram and the Youtube comments section.

    Goodness me that was a digression!  What was the question again...? :rolleyes: :lol:

    Also Ben, is the Asperclick site still running as I haven't got my confirmation email yet?

    Nah, that was a rather on-topic analysis of exactly what's going on out there - during the heyday here, there'd be a new post every few minutes. Now it's every now and then: in fact I'm willing to be that in a single night during 2012 five of us collectively racked up seven years worth of posts. I actually thought this place was about to blow up into its own social media app at one point. 

    Willow scrapped Asperclick right at the end of 2019. Not only had it quietened right down, but I think we all said everything that could possibly BE said  - there was no where for it to go anymore, not without repeating ourselves anyway. She's putting a collage of posts together I think, but for now, she seems over all of the Aspergers stuff. 


  4. It's a shot in the dark given how quiet it's been (and forums don't exactly scream 2020) but let's try and bring something back. 

    Those of you with an extremely long memory will remember me as that moderator guy from 7 or 8 years ago...

    And... For those of you who are from the other side of the tracks - yes, I am Ben from Asperclick.

    For everyone who is new, well, let's go from here...


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