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rainbow queen

filling out a salt assessment

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im filling out a salt assessment and theres a few questions im unsure of what it means myself

can anyone help


one -grammatical accuracy?


two-salient events?


three-awareness of saliency when retelling?

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Well I saw you looking, BD, and thought the same! :lol:


Well salience means the relative importance of details when you're communicating something, so I guess your 3rd question refers to the way we select the most important information when we're telling a story. For example if I gave you an account of my day I would probably tell you that I met a friend and went shopping but not what colour socks I had on.


Grammatical accuracy covers a lot of things: for example word order in sentences, putting plural 's' on the end of words, using the correct tense - past or present and the correct fom of the verb (e.g. caught not catched), using pronouns: e.g. "I" or "you".


K x

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