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As ther title suggests we are moving house within the next week to a new authority. We're not far from the city centre of Edinburgh but it seems there is sweet FA for children with additional support needs. Only 1 visiting teacher and even at that she doesn't do what we have been getting, an hour a week portage if you like. I am quite shocked and worried because all my kids supports are set up and now it will all have to change. My boys will remain at nursery and school in Edinburgh so their support will continue with a request for some funding for their learning assistants from the new authority, but if they decline to pay some or all then there's not much can be done because we are there already as are the LA's. The one that worries me the most is my daughter, she isn't at nursery as she's only 19 months old and all her services will have to be transferred, meaning a HUGE wait for physio OT SALT etc that we are already getting. Can i insist she stays with the therapists she is already involved with?

Also there is NO respite provision. The social work have bought 3 nights and that is for very severly disabled children. Ok so my 3 aren't severe but they all have dx of ASD's so surely there should be something. At the moment Lewis gets 1 day a month at a kidzone club and Aiden would ahve 2 when a space came up but now there will be no visiting teacher for the 2 younger ones and no respite. What is going on????? we ahve spent (and still spending) in excess of 90 million on flaming trams in the city centre, and yet kids like mine are going without. Makes me furious.

It just feels like an organisational nightmare trying to set up supports again where basically there's none. I just kind of (as well as crying) felt pleased that she was dx so young because i thought the earlier the intervention the better, and she is more affected than the boys but it feels she will be let down by an outdated system. Help anyone???? :crying:

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