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ADHD/ADD without "bad" behaviour?

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Has anyone experienced an ADHD dx without any really disruptive behaviour associated?


My son is in process of retesting and has had many observation sessions in different settings and a new ADOS and ability testing. I've not had results fed back as yet as psychologist wants everything together to get a full picture before she commits but totally agrees his current dx just doesn't cover him.


I am wondering if ADHD is one of the conditions she may be considering as although he no longer suffers regular night terrors he does still sleep very little and teachers find they have a great deal of trouble keeping him focused on a task unless there is constant supervision which they cannot provide in a mainstream classroom. He is performing well academically and is by no means the least able child in the class despite his language being "quirky" at best. He does talk pretty much constantly at giving a running commentary to the gerbils if there is no one else there to listen. Usually about minecraft lol - he will even prop the iPad up in front of the cage to let them see YouTube vids of minecraft. Yet theory of mine for other people still noticeably absent despite him being almost 7.


So before I go off on too much of a tangent back to my original question about ADHD and a lack if the very bad behaviour often associated with it.

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