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I'm Jacs and I work for Yimby - we help people to raise money to make good things happen.


More and more people are using Yimby to raise funds for all sorts of autism related causes. A couple of recent ones include, raising funds for a full year of weekly private therapy for a child with autism, and raising funds to buy a dark den for a children’s autism group in north London.


Seeing the success of these projects, we're thinking about how we can best use Yimby to really support the autistic community. Are there any particular financial challenges that the community faces? Might there be some autism support organisations that could particularly do with fundraising support?


These are just a couple of questions we’ve thought of, but I'd love to hear any thoughts you have on this.







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Lack of support for adult Aspies seeking employment, especially given the closure of Prospects Transitions.

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