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first they came?

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is anyone into powerful historic poetry,


written by people who at the time knew the sp?


i am.


i find the "first they came" poem very significant.


it's a constant reminder to me of how things can be, if i decide to be selfish.


it's a constant reminder to me, of what can happen if we put ourselves first?


has anyone else got any poems. written by themselves or inspired others,


which has such power to command decent behavior, where there was none before?

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it just occurs to me, you folks might not even know what i'm talking about.


(it's a very well know poem amongst anyone over 60ish?)


i'll do my version of it,


"first they came for those that didn't look like them? and took them away?"


I said nothing.. because I looked like them.


"next they came for those that didn't think like them?"


I said nothing, because I thought I thought like them,


but then I realised I didn't, and they came for me...


& by then there was no one left to speak for me :-(


I can not now remember who did the original for that poem (I think it was a non- Jewish person during in the 1945's war?) but I think it says it all.


pretty deep subject.



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Martin Niemöller, a German Protestant pastor and concentration camp survivor.

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After initially supporting the Nazi party Niemöller eventually became a pacifist. He was imprisoned in Dachau and lucky to escape execution. I always bear his prescient words in mind when reading about the Anglo-American world's insidious creep towards totalitarianism. The evidence for this trend can be found all around us. :(

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