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Strange things like smell, and music stimulus in ASD people?

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For me as a kid I always had a sensitve sense of smell, as in I associate specific smells with happiness not sure if thats due to memory or not but my parents house has a distinctive smell as its a little damp and dusty, and as they live in the countryside theres a smell to that too.


But at same time if I went to a generic countryside the smell could be just that little different due to things like trees it wont evoke the same things.


My home town has a little smell to it but not much but the first town I lived when I left home has a very distinctive smell i.e I thought of it as kinda like fresh cooked cookies or at least something like musty burning wood.


Hard to tell what part of that is nostalgia and what part is logical as even as a kid or when I left home I noticed certain smells more than others and that every town had its own distinct smell (obviously things like traffic, factories and shops play a part.


So even now I notice those smells and it confuses me as my brain automatically sees that as a distinctive nice smell.


Secondly is music, I used to play video games as much as 9/10 hours a day at weekends or holidays and in school time about 3-4 hours in a evening though did vary if there was something on tv I wanted to watch as not just the game but the music stimulated me that was like I liked role playing games as you had sad scenes and music to match and action scenes to pump you up.


This translated to movies somewhat, no matter if a action movie, weepie, comedy you had music to match, id rather watch a boring movie with 10 minutes of pumping action than just watch that 10 mintues action as it built me up so I assume gaming is similar.


Reason for these posts is that I don't play games much anymore due to just being low, but I ahve mixed thoughs on I am feeling low as nothing to pump me up, movies now as mad as a ASD person is saying this have no attention span its just constant in your face CGI, music (often heavy and unsuited to the scene) so no build up, I prefer older movies but have seen them so many times.


Thoughts on this?

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Fascinates me how composers achieve the build up of tension and then release / peaks and troughs to take us on a journey. Something to study in the future ... Is there some formula for the tension and release or just intuitive? Fascinates me how directors/producers/composers get that situation to bring tears / intense emotion from the viewer. How do they learn that?

I prefer old movies ... the content is more wholesome, dialogue more intelligent and of course the nostagia. I also like black and white as it allows imagination to work in the same way radio plays/ drama does. Makes for a more immersive /involving experience ... foreign films with subtitles have the same effect.

I used to love watching black and white TV with the sound off, while practicing scales etc. on guitar. I'd get a really good understanding of the programme that way, though not sure how it realted to the script.

My abilities to smell have been damaged by age and years of smoking ... though thankfully its been almost 4 yrs since I gave up cigarettes. As I always say, 'you only get good at what you do'. Sniff alot and abilities improve, unfortunately there are a lot of smells I don't want to sniff. I always love the smell of forests and wood in general. Interesting how I remember the humidity levels within with the smell and how each remembered image has a smell. Remembered sixpences have smell, different from thrupenny bits, remembered carpets, cutlery, paper, books houses .... better stop there!


Don't get too down though dekaspace. Being realistically positive is pretty important. Sometimes I check myself by asking if what I'm doing at any given moment is making me happy. Thats my goal for this year ... to be as realistically optimistic and happy as possible. After what I've been through I think its well deserved and appropriate to redress my ying and yang.

You've said some things that you are not doing much of now .... bearing in mind that we only get good at what we do... what are you doing more of now you are not doing the games etc.

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