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Trolls online again who love to bully

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I have discussed this in past, but the 2 forums I had problems with have calmed down apart from one or two flare ups,


Having one right now, I mention a simple issue I am having for people to basically saying stuff like "you fail at life" and how I was talking """ and it must be because of my autism (as I told people on board before about it) so thats the first major insult.


Then other people come on and say I have a history of nonsense so its probably me getting confused (which is insulting in its own way)


Not a single reply was nice it was all blaming me for the thing I talked about and people swearing more and more until one came on who was nasty in the past and claims my parents were criminals (he said that in past) and making fun of me/acting like I am strange as I freeze all my leftover food and reheat it and that includes takeaways (his response months ago was that was dirty and why can't I buy another unless I am dirty, greedy, or a povvo (as in poor/poverty)


He then claims I keep inventing stories to get attention and I am a troll.


Meanwhile no mod on that website has even moderated any of the reponses and when I queried it they just said they didn't see what the problem was (despite outright the person mentioning my disablity as reasons for me speaking """ and his words "screwing up at life") or the people who swore and censored themselves or said I was a liar, and on fine lines of calling me offensive words.


Just thought I would share here.

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