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Political correct people thinking being called autistic is a automatic insult.

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I was having a argument with someone who showed a lot of signs of autism, and yes I was a little angry but all I said was he was basing everything he believed on logic and in denial of other peoples feelings so was a sign of autism.


He started going on about how ignorant I am of autism (turns out he is a university student who does research) how disgusting I am for not undestanding mental disorders.


I turned round and said I was offended by him calling it mental disorder and his argument back was "well thats how its defined in books"


I found this guy so arrogant but he then went on to say I know nothing about autism and he has done volunteer work with autistic kids therefore knows everything about it.


So his entire arguments seemed to be he reads books and studies therefore is the master in things, any disagreement meant I was ignorant or offensive!


Just wanted opinions.

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