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Do Americans rule the world of AS and social skills?

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Why is it that most books written in English about AS and social skills are American? There are fewer books about AS originating from other English speaking countries and very few about social skills. Books that are English translations of books published in foreign languages are few and far between although I don't have any information how many books about AS and social skills exist in foreign languages to start with.

It does seem very strange that such a high proportion of books written in English about AS and social skills originate in just ONE country on the face of the earth, albeit a country with quite a large population, when English is a global language.

Are there differences between Asperger syndrome in the UK and the US due to differences in society, culture, the education system, and social expectations between the two countries?

The social skills books written by Americans are presumably intended for Americans or immigrants to the US, rather than people who live in other English speaking countries due to differences in culture and social expectations.

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