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Jury Service

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As yet I do not have a diagnosis, but I have a referral to see a psychologist and I am on a waiting list. I had been receiving counselling and medication for anxiety, but I am now off the medication and have been discharged. I have now been requested to do jury service, which I would love to do and I feel more than capable of doing. I live in N.Ireland, which is important because the rules are slightly different from the rest of the UK. My question is twofold - am I legally obliged to disclose a condition for which I do not have a diagnosis but for which I have been sent for a referral, and what is a mental disorder anyway, the N.Irish definition seems a bit ambiguous? Their definition '...includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning'. I have an IQ of 110, but I do, however have some trouble making friends, but in my interpretation this is not 'significant'. I notice the word 'and' in there, and perhaps I am answering my own question here, but surely I would have to satisfy both conditions to be considered mentally handicapped?

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