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28 years ago, there was still a formal apartheid, or women mightn't drive cars, vote, etc just 99 years ago because were deemed as less-worth (whoever said they're idiots because the society accepted a harassment and depressions of any of their rights), and before there was even a slavery (people had given as many rights as animals). I'm happy that we've got over and it's not normal to depress the human rights of women, or Africans. Now it's not normal just because each one knows that someone defends the rights and there are still fewer people trying to brainwash the rest, still fewer people see any chance to break it. Meantime, in the society, it's absolutely normal to call aspies and people of other disorders "morons" (harass, humiliate you). We are still living in a society were anyone deemed as disabled can lose rights for information, privacy, or any other rights and be permanently harassed because none minds. It can go worse. Actually, I know a story wherein the public accepts even the non-acceptable arguments as reasonable and says like "a-ha, so then that's ok", without any proofs (just like "someone said"). On the other hand, the weight of your word isn't equal.  I can see the growth in the suicide rate among the young with disorders (because they don't wait for a happy end and perhaps, some of them take too many things personally...) and because of what? I can see many more and see that is the time to take an action... 

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