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Treatment for autism spatial navigation issues

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I have no idea if medical professionals or technically minded people read this forum, but I hope someone can possibly provide some information.


I am somewhere on the autism spectrum, albeit of the high functioning variety. I have always had a problem with spatial navigation and orientation. Even playing first person ‘maze’ style computer games as a kid, I used to get lost. I have played guitar for longer than some professional players have been alive, and am still pretty hopeless.  A major factor is that I am blind to the patterns of scales on the fretboard, which some people can pick up intuitively in weeks. Recently, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) too, and after being given amphetamine based medication I saw a dramatic improvements in my productivity. This has made me wonder if there is something for spatial navigation. I am open to different strategies whether medical or mind training or any other method. I wonder if such treatments exist and where I can find more information?



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