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Work away from family

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Dear all,

I am worried about how to earn my living. I don't have an official diagnosis of aspergers but I can only explain my difficulties with that spectrum. I think I have discovered I cannot work in touch with people (1) and that I cannot live away from my relatives(2).

When I was a teenager I believed I had to do something with foreign languages. So I did. Now I could work as a translator but that would require living away from my family and lot of contacts with people. I cannot live without knowing I have my family closed to me. I ve tried it and It makes me feel extremely depressed ,to use an euphemism.

On the one hand I cannot cope with working abroad and among people.

On the other hand I don't know how I could live here with what I have been trained to (translator).

Could you please tell me if you have experienced anything similar and how have you managed or tried to manage it?

Thanks a lot


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Do you mean you want to work as a translator or an interpreter?


I would think that you could find translation work without having to move away from your family.


Failing that, you could use your language skills in other ways eg teaching, research .... People with language skills often make good computer people. too.

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I am already working as a translator from home but I will have to go abroad from time to time for a certain period of weeks /months to update the language.

learning programming may be a good option, thank you for the suggestion!

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Could you perhaps limit your contact with people? One idea is to set up your own business translating documents into I'm other languages or from other languages into English.


Have you been to university? When I was stuck as to what to do with my life I went on prospects.AC.uk and went on the careers testing section of the website. They ask you a number of questions which you answer as truthfully as you can. then the site let's you view options for career pathways and or courses.


Translating is a valuable skill to have a friend of mine is a languages teacher and now teaches English to refugees.

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Are you familiar with Skype or other methods of contacting people when abroad?


Or do you rely on your family to help with practical skills no one else could manage?


My brother lives an hour away from me. Another relative lives two hours away from me. They are my closest relatives when it comes to normally understanding me. We communicate via Skype because they're lives means that's the best way for alk of us.


Do you access services or help that you wouldn't be able to take with you if you went abroad eg understanding gp?


If you can make one major change at a time? Plan things out in a diary. With my schedule I write in what kind of lunch hot or cold I need to eat when out and about. I have a few menu items in my head for what I can eat. I also factor in travel time to and from the event with ten minutes extra if I'm likely to struggle to find the place.


Personally I can't see myself living abroad but I have additional health needs to autism which can only be addressed here with my home care team. I can however move away from my family just an hour down the road on a regular transport route for if my car breaks down. I have official diagnoses and claim benefits but do a little voluntary work however.


Could you try and get an aspergers diagnosis and see if you could claim benefits for whilst you are seeking work? I hear waiting times can be lengthy in some areas that's if you can get your gp to refer you.

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