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  1. This is an excellent way of describing the situation. Yeah with gender being an abstract concept and autism causing difficulties in understanding abstract concepts it makes sense with what you've said.
  2. Thank you for the update much appreciated I hope your children continue to progress. Really pleased that your child got the diagnosis needed. In some places it's more like 3 years. Many trans patients have some combination of autism (or adhd), eds, (c)ptsd. Thank you for fighting for your kids. Unfortunately in adult assessments those who can mask their symptoms are 'falling through the net' and missing out on a diagnosis.
  3. As long as it's done with masks and precautions then I don't see a problem with it.
  4. This is very black and white, the research doesn't allow for individuals who mask or who have a different gender identity to their sexual defined at birth.
  5. I'm a fan of this show. I also like to watch "the good doctor". Alfie
  6. Sorry no one's replied to your post. After or around December 2020 your son should get an invite to claim for pip as his dla will be running out. He will be expected to ring up and apply over the phone (unless his autism prevents him from using the phone and he's classed as severely autistic and you're down with dwp as managing his affairs). The NAS has some online guides which can help you with pip. https://www.autism.org.uk/about/benefits-care/benefits/pip.aspx Hope this helps.
  7. trekster


    Hello and welcome to the forum. feel free to ask any questions and tell us a bit about yourself.
  8. trekster

    New member

    Hello and welcome I used to play shinobi on my Sega mega drive console as a child. I didn't talk until age 3.5. alfie
  9. trekster

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    Hello and welcome I have cptsd, fibromyalgia and elhers danlos syndrome alongside autism. There's an annual autism conference for and by autistics at the end of July called Autscape. this year we're in giggleswick school.
  10. trekster


    Hi and welcome I'm half Scottish and half scouse.
  11. I run bath autism and neurodiversity spectrums (bands) cic which offers social opportunities for over 16s in the Bath and Frome areas. Feel free to message for more details. We meet on Thursday afternoon and evening depending on what you prefer to do as an activity. choices include, cafe, cinema, pub, board gaming, annual Weymouth trip and bowling (by request).
  12. the Bristol pub group has been absorbed under the 'diverse' umbrella which also runs a night club group at basement 45, a cinema group at Cabot circus, a gaming group at 'game' and a pub group alternating between venues. always a Tuesday evening. For more details look up 'diverse' on Facebook or private message me.
  13. autistic people seem aggressive rather than are actually aggressive. for me a number of things cause me to 'kick off' (something that's rare for me nowadays), 1, being in physical pain from my fibromyalgia and elhers danlos syndromes 2, having something with sodium or similar benzoate in it (a yukky preservative found in drinks like Pepsi max and a number of liquid meds) 3, having a cptsd flashback without realising that I'm too scared to talk about it is often the result of an inappropriate joke. 4, angry depression (which resolved itself within a year when I could communicate my physical pain better as a result of going off dairy, gluten and pineapple (last one is for my elhers danlos syndrome)) hope you find a solution soon and that no one gets hurt by the broken glass. could you have a "plastic or paper cups only allowed in your room" rule? that would prevent further incidents of broken glass.
  14. Hello and welcome. I'm aware that the national autistic society has a group in Worcestershire. They are on Facebook if that helps? Does he like things like gardening or physically damaging jobs? The national trust as dome projects he might be interested in as do other projects. Alfie
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    Hi and welcome I'm 1 of the admins here.
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