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  1. -thank you all for your advice and support I am upset that his school are going to make this hard for him/me. The school said they would not stop his lessons, and this without talking to my son to see if/how it is effecting him, I shall ring today and see if I can get an appointment with the lady who diagnosed him. Perhaps she can offer him some support,.
  2. what is an ASDAN course please?
  3. Thank you for replying. He does do Spanish as well, and finds that he is able to learn this, it is just French. It seems that there are two different issues, First, and it would appear the most important, what the school has to do to satisfy the education authority that removal is justified then second and significantly less important, the enormous emotional tension he suffers, his pathological fear of failure whilst he tries to conform, and at the same time try to be inconspicuous.
  4. my son, aged 12 has Aspergers. He is at Grammar school. He was given the option of not doing foreign languages when he was diagnosed. He has attempted French for thirteen months but has now asked to be removed. His school will now not let him stop until he has had over the next several months, "a trench of assesments" He has a pathological fear of failure, and wants to be removed. Please, has anyone any knowledge of foreign languages/Aspergers, that could suppport our position thank you Cindy
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