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  1. Conduct Disorder. Thanks for the welcomes
  2. My DS is 6 and a half and still has trouble with this. He will get up and it will be lunch time on the weekend and he will ask me if its a school day today. I try to explain to him no, when DH is home its the weekend, but on the days DH goes to work its a school day. I find that helps somewhat, but not always. DS will go oh yeah thats right and its as if he has forgotten altogether. One of those things you have to go through every weekend with him & well im afraid to say I dont have any real solution for school holidays either. We use counting sleeps for lots of things here too, birthdays christmas, weekends, days left of school and school holidays. We find with DS1's obsession with numbers this works the best. So we tell him there are x amount of sleeps left until school holidays are over. This didnt work too well when he couldnt count past 10 though, but now its routine enough. You just have to keep trying new things til you find something that works for him and as much as its drives you crazy to go through it everyday, thats the way our little ones minds work I guess. Hope you find a way that works soon!
  3. Hi Everyone *waves* Im a mum of 2 beautiful boys L (6years old) and Z (9 months old). L has been diagnosed with Aspergers, ODD, ADHD & CD. We live in Australia, so im sure some of the terms I use are different to the ones used in the UK. If they are, please dont hesitate to ask me WTH im on about Im pretty isolates as far as any friends or family support/understanding goes and im looking to find others out there who are going through/have been through raising a kid on the spectrum. I hope im welcome here being from Aus and looking forward to joining the site ~M~ *Sorry I made a typo in introduction...great start
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