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  1. <'> >< <'> >< <'> no advice but i get this all the time with my own family too.............i can get very down about it all-then other times im strong enough to shrug it off. hope your ok-had a bad day myself-had a row with mysister at the hospital in front of me mum-and ive decided thats it she can get stuffed -and from now on shes out of my life-there comes a point where u just cant smile and ignore stuff........this has been building up for a good while. it makes you feel like ranting stick your help -sorry you having bad time take care xxx
  2. oh im feeling so ill ive had this for 3 weeks now and had a course of antibiotics-my son has it too but he seems to be alot better-i went back drs yesterday and they wouldnt give me nowt. terrible cough and aching-i cant rest in bed really as ive had my son off school. we are all under terrible stress my mum who went in to have hip replacment 2 weeks ago is not well at all. shes had severe trots for ages and now is going off her food...........we are all panicing about that c diff they have tested her poo once and said results are ok-but me and my sister have read really you should be tested up to 3 times even if first one is negative..............she told them this -and they replied you dont belive everything you read on the net im trying to look after my dad and my boys and things feel like they are falling apart. i cant sleep at night with worrying-we have watched them in the hospital and they dont wash there hands upon entering ward and leaving . we had been taking live yougart in and those yakults to try and help........... the longer she has it -the longer she cant get moving on crutches-. im going be having urgent appointment soon with mht-to change my meds-so hopefully that will help-been feel not right for few weeks now- we have been persribed melatoninfor my son-which is helping -now im not having to spend hours at night trying to get him in bed or keep getting up.-we go back in a month-and may get something else for aggresion in day. my son has been wild thses past few weeks-im covered in bruises and scratchs- is there any tonic i can take to try and help me out-or anything you take thats helped ...........am trying to eat best i can -but feel really run down just thought id vent my feelings-not got many folk to talk too at mo -as everyones in turmoil. rq xxx <'>
  3. hi guys -just an update -we had our appointment at camhs today-went really really well-and we have been perscibed melatonin. such a relief to be listened too ...and hopfully help my son . we discussed about meds in the day ect...and he wants to see how my son goes on with melatonin first -we go back in a month. just been reading the other threads about it and seems it helps in the day too anyway-i guess if hes getting good sleep this will have a huge change on his mood in the day. hes very poorly at the moment too with a chest infection,so needs all the rest he can get -gave him some tonight -and hes fast asleep-cant even hear the bed moving -as he rocks at night usually-and i think this gives him a sore neck ect ...... i am going to be having an early night too-cant wait -been feeling really worn out of late trying to get him to bed ect and trying to even keep him from wandering round the house and shouting ect......i hope it continues to work ive seen many of you leave it off at weekends -the dr didnt mention this .....should i do this or not? <'> rq xxx
  4. hi i had really drawn out bad labour and birth -he wouldnt come out ect.....the cord was round his neck and he had to have oxygen as he was blue and not making any noise. also my nephew who is dx as -tourettes and ocd was the same birth ....(for my sister)
  5. do any of your children rock? my son rocks his head -he will do this in bed-hes always done it he says it makes him go to sleep -he does it in his sleep all night. its not just a slight rock -its like hard -head side to side over and over. its making his head sore on the back of his head-i feel he cant be getting a good nights sleep doing this all night. im going to be telling camhs this aswell this week -as i feel he is very disturbed at night-with this rocking/night terrors/ just wondered if this is common at all?
  6. well we picked colour today called lupin -nice blue had a chat about doing the room -he was ok but 2 hours later it played on his mind and caused meltdown-of course because it will be a change - ive told him it will be much better when done -and going to buy some lights for room ect ect am deffo getting a new bed for him-hes got metal bunk beds and they rattle too much and he hurts himself on them -not cosy at all really-i bought them when he was younger thinking he would share them with his brother -of course this didnt happen as they can not share a room let alone bunk beds.
  7. hi thanks i love massages and am very good at doing them myself but my son wont let me near him-he dont like me touching him-which is a great shame as im sure he would really benifit from one -hes always stiff and tense -im looking into buying weighted blanket next....maybe i should try getting him to have one every night -he likes lavender oil....what happens is he either moans about me scracthing him or he starts giggling and then can not bear to be touched-so in all it never ends up relaxing at all.
  8. hiya darky -good to see you <'> >< yes we are finding it very hard to go out of the house-its always been hard but my son no longer wants to try to go out at all much.
  9. hiya i didnt really write my post down too well- my son isnt on any medication but i buy the iq fish oil -had him taking this since he was 2. so no we havnt ever tryed anything before -and its never been mentioned before -i presume they wait till you get to a stage where you feel it should be talked about. i have the same trouble i cant communicate at all with my son when hes in a state -and it seems that every little thing sends him in a state -the visual board can only be used when hes not in this mode- hes gone really whats the word ....fanatical about things -food being a big one at moment-hes lost an awfull lot of weight -for one thing hes gone really funny over his food and 2 no wonder it falls of him as hes burning it up with ranting and arguing ect.... it is effecting us-im getting a nervous wreck and my other son is suffering too......and our quality of life is not good really- i am going on this thur so will see what happens.......
  10. hi im going be changing my boys bedroom -so wanted to know best colour to paint it-its yellow at present -and ive looked at sensory sites and they suggest white? just wondered if any one had tips and had tried different colours wanted it for calming him down ect... i thought blue ...but thought id ask advice first? thanks .... rq xxx
  11. hi everyone after me posting some rather negative posts last time round thought id update on whats happening now............. still having same problems with my son regarding anger and hitting and cant get him to calm down . been in my gps -and told them tablets im on not working at all-so shes reffering me back to mh team as she cant change my meds back to ones i was on before. so hopefully will be hearing from them this week-feel really down and embrassed about it all -as i feel everyone is involved in me and my sons life.............. seeing camhs on thur this week -ive sent letters in beforehand asking about meds and i dropped my cam corder off last week for the dr to watch-as my son acts like 2 different people-so wanted him to see whats going on at home. i hope we get some help this week -my sons social worker is coming to appointment but hes trying to get my son to go on something else related to domestic violence as -he was 2 when i left there dad because of this-i know that it may well have also had a effect on my son but i dont feel this is the whole reason behind his anger . just spent an hour dealing with it all again- im going be changing his bedroom too soon-getting rid of metal bunk beds and going make it more of a relaxing room for him to chill in-took pc out and tv already-pc will be getting set up in living room and only used for reward for good behaviour and timed with timer.same with nintendo.....i think he has far too much control over things........ i think my mum going in hospital on mon for hip op has really made him upset -i took him to see her today-she was doing well but has got the trots now -her and another woman in same room so im hoping she gets over it as its holding her back a bit. school have been good -had chat with asd teacher and hes got timetable to take in now everyday and come home with.. just hope camhs will listen about me asking about medication....hes so very sad all the time at home and nothing seems to make him happy-and hes spending hours at a time now getting in a state and unable to calm down . thanks to everyone on this forum for all the support you give -id be really lost without it. <'> >< <'>
  12. is there anybody higher than camhs? somebody has got to be over them ? id consider writing to them saying how your not being listened to.
  13. i know im not much help -sorrryyyy know how your feeling..... <'> >< <'>
  14. have you got a social worker ? it says ex in your post whys that?
  15. lol ....haha yes i think i remeber your posts about you e mailing . maybe mine wasnt like yours -i didnt have my son there-but yes there was a crehe but i had someone at the time to look after him...either that or he was at nursery or school. do you see camhs at all? xxx please forgive me -DOH asking that question -seems to just flow out of my mouth ........its cause ive just spent all yesterday and today writing a letter to them .
  16. hello welcome to the forum i dont have much advice as my son is alot younger.....saying he is younger -sorry -i dont actually know your sons age ? hopefully someone will have some ....... did the medication not help at all then? terrible that you have been left hanging on for others to contact you when you so need the help. <'> ><
  17. hiya cmuir <'> >< <'> >< sounds like you and me are in the same boat. my son is 6 -7 in june ,having similar problems..... i also have been on the webster stratton ....lol...do you know theres advanced ?-yep they trying to send me on that ive spent all weekend writing letters or rather typing them......my next camhs is in march -this is after they discharged us last year after dx.........id wrote some letters since and to my gp so now ive got another one.........im taking social worker along this time. is your son on any medication? mine isnt,in fact they have never even disscussed it. <'> >< <'>
  18. rainbow queen


    having just read your other thread lisa -please excuse my naughty step-as your son is alot older . its very tiring and hard not to give in...........i myself have found myself giving in to my sons demands-and things got worse in a matter of days as he kept on pushing.....and relised that id given in one time.....so he tryed some more.... at the moment weekends are really bad for us as nothing seems to make him happy anymore and he will carry things on for hours trying to see if i cave in.......totally draining sorry im not much help xxx
  19. rainbow queen


    hi lisa <'> what age is your son? my son is 7 in june and i always used the naughty step and timer but -this no longer works ,but it used too-it worked very well but now he will not sit on it and runs off....but i used it from about age 3 up till well id say last year. i have a visual board and traffic light cards,also taking away pc time or nintendo. i have to say i cant really give much advice as me and my son are going through a difficult time ourselfs . <'>
  20. update ive just been out and went to see my sons social worker about it all.............he said he would come to next camhs appointment with me and we talked about medication with me and that it should be a option, so its wait and see now........xxx
  21. whoops pressed button twice -yeah am going print out that letter and send it out to everyone again.its not like i havnt tryed getting more help -i have -it seems everyone is under funded and wont budge. so am going now to copie that letter and every ones going get it -i dont care if they think im pestering -all i want is for my boy to be more happy than he is now.........its awful seeing him in this turmoil........i will carry on fighting :thumbs:
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