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  1. My son had speech and language development delay and the LEA have finally excepted Js Communication impairments but Im still battling for the provisions in part 3 of his statement after reassessment of his Statement. Does Finn recieve any provisions at presant with his nursery placement such as 1.1, SALT, Social skills groups? I would recommend you contact the Cerebra Website, if Finn hasnt recieved SALT in your local authority in the last six months then Cerebra offer salt session vouchers, http://www.cerebra.org.uk/English/GetHelp/Pages/HOME.aspx As long as Finn has the right provisions and support in place it wouldnt matter if it was a school or Nursery but do you feel that Finn would better suit a more specialised Primary school placement? Also deferring him means he is not starting a provision within line his peer year group. Do you feel Finn would benefit from another year in a nursery placement, or do you think he is ready for a either special or mainstream setting but with additional support. I would contact National Autistic Society Educational help line. http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/Index.php?/topic/20381-special-educational-needs-advice/ Another service to contact for more information on GDD and ASD differences or if children with a GDD have been misdiagnosed and actually have ASD instead for me if he has a communication disorder I would say he has a ASD need. I recommend Contact A Family. http://www.cafamily.org.uk/Direct/g22.html http://www.cafamily.org.uk/medicalinformation/conditions/azlistings/a84.html JsMUMX
  2. I would contact Nas for further support reguarding the soiling if its related to PDA/ASD. There is a few topics on their website. http://community.autism.org.uk/discussions/health-wellbeing/parents-carers/soiling-issue (Mods remove if not allowed to post this) http://www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/understanding-behaviour/toilet-training.aspx Have you also had any support from this foundation http://www.bladderandbowelfoundation.org/ also ERIC http://www.eric.org.uk/ http://www.eric.org.uk/Constipation/constipation_soiling_leaflets I would contact these for further support also if you have not had any support so far. I dont understand why she was discharged from the contence support services in your area, if CAMHS have discharged her and she is continuing to have difficulties i would request a referal again. It must be very distressing and stressful for you. JsMumx
  3. Here in the UK Its a new Anti D. If so would like opinions and views. JsMumx
  4. JsMum


    The norfolk broads is where you begin when you begin posting, as your posts increase you start to climb up which are names of mountains, Scafell pike, Snowdon, Mt Blanc, K2 until your as good as Kathryn and cant climb any further. Your not the only person who thought that the norfolk broads was a location errorxxx http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=13337 http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/Index.php?/topic/23529-how-to-change-location-please/ Im on Mt Mckinley but only here, as id never be able to climb that in realityxxx JsMumx
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    Hi Brainfizz Is it you is who is waiting for a dx in PD or AS? JsMumxxx
  6. Really pleased that Glen has settled in even with the blip of your recent visit that throw him he thought he was going home again. Does Glen have any time concept, days of the week, Months of the year, would a visual calander help him with the dates he goes home and in the future the days you visit. Maybe he doesnt understand the difference between a visit and you coming to collect him, this may need further development if it can be that he could eventually understand the difference with social stories, visual cards, ect... The positive is that other than the visit distress it looks like Glen has indeed settled in and you are happy with the care and support which is very important as Ive learnt myself. It looks like the staff are able to help Glen and support him even when stratagies dont work they dont give up they continue to show concern, its a good sign he was eating his dinner it shows he wasnt too anxious not to eat. Lets hope that the next 12wks are just as positive which Jay tells me in delight isnt far off christmas. Time does litrately fly.xxx JsMumxxx
  7. Some people with a dx of BPD have been misdiagnosed and actually have Post Truamatic Stress Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome. JsMumx
  8. My son recieved DLA at five after Tribunal and he had NO Diagnosis at all at the time, he did have Developmental delays though and behavioural, emotional and learning difficulties identified, his school at the time J was on school action and was recieving SALT both at school and at the clinic, we recieved DLA Care later on in renewals he recieved DLA Mobility and Care and later we went to tribunal for high rate mobility. My son has recieved diagnosis from 7 upwards as he has comorbids and comlex needs. You do not need a diagnosis for DLA as others have said sometimes diagnosis dont come throw until their older even though they had NEEDS before their daignosis came throw and for some children diagnosis never come at all only arriving in their adulthood or some adults remain undiagnosed throw out there life but they still have had needs. DLA Mobility you have to prove he requires supervision, guidance and preventative mesures to ensure his safety, fore example restraint, visual support, preparing a task before hand. There is DLA support guide with the National Autistic Society. http://www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/benefits-and-community-care/disability-living-allowance.aspx http://www.cafamily.org.uk/families/rightsandentitlements/benefitstaxcredits/dla.html http://www.cafamily.org.uk/families/adviceandsupport/helpline/faq.html Also reguarding the Loft instulation if you require more rooms due to your sons ASD needs you can apply for a Disability Facilities Grant though again this can be lengthy and stressful. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeople/HomeAndHousingOptions/YourHome/DG_4000642 My son also had fiv.e hearing tests because many people thought he was deaf, he has been assessed as having a Auditory Processing Impairment, he is not deaf, infact he has hypersensitive hearing, but certain tones and volumes he has impairments. Look up Auditory Processing Disorder/Impairment. http://www.apduk.org/ http://www.cafamily.org.uk/Direct/a82.html I really do recommend that you do appeal and go to tribunal if you are turned down. JsMumx
  9. Wow well he certainly sounds happier and having his own bike will have done wonders to help him along the way, its fab he doesnt mind wearing a Helmetxxx good luck with Glen coming home, I visit J this weekend too, The time has flown by, cant believe its already two week ago that he started his new school. Im staying the weekend in a lovely lakeside youth hostel close by his school, J has settled in with no problems, staff have said its like he has lived there for ever. The staff take him to the Park everyday and they have their own facilities for activies as well to keep him entertained. I feel better within myself too now Ive got time to do the things I otherwise wouldnt when caring for J full time. It sure does help a lot when we know their well cared for and happy. Good Luck to Glen coming homexxxx JsMumx
  10. The fact you had to hurry could of been the trigger. Planning, preparing, time and organisation is a real key to helping a person manage and cope with a task. Doing tasks in a hurry can cause stress and anxiety and overwhelment. If you have been stressed yourself because your going to be late or delayed this can also esculate the situation, so look at your own reactions, when were in a hurry we may not give as much patience, we may change our vioce tone and volume, we become hasseled. so it maybe your reactions are feeding the situation too. Some tasks need to be broken down and allow more time to do that task, if your son has processing impairments he will require additional time so he can process the task and then act on the task in mind. The behaviour your describing about not coperating to walk and to just sit there I would describe as an Aviodant behaviour, avidant behaviours are a childs own coping stratagie to put off a task for as long as possible because they are going to struggle with a task for what ever reason. So my advise is to break down the tasks into small size pieces and look at preperation stratagies. I feel that there is always a trigger to a behaviour, sometime the behaviour isnt displayed until hours, days, even weeks later. JsMuMX
  11. BD Oh PS: Just seen your post to J's Mum. If your son at four doesn't display these behaviours at school then they are far more likely to be situational and 'controlling' rather than medical, BD J at four did display the same behaviurs at school just for the record, some schools dont recognise, achknowledge our childrens distress, or difficulties and some schools lye and buck to system to save their own SEN funding because they want to spend it on basket ball hoops. Just because a child with ASD/ADHD ECT is fine at school doesnt mean that they dont have a medical reason, J has complex special needs including ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder and in a specialist school to meet his special educational Needs which took me years to fight LEA/SS/NHS to ensure he accessed the right provision and one that actually achknowledge his needs and meet his needs. Just because there is a difference in behaviour at school to home doesnt mean that its purely situational (parents fault)!!!! Here is an interesting links on behaviour at school and Home. http://www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/understanding-behaviour/behaviour-common-questions-answered/different-behaviour-between-school-and-home.aspx http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/192-the-passive-childpretending-to-be-normal/ JsMumx
  12. I would get the ball rolling now then if you want him in a specialist school as it can take a long time to get in place, its getting harder and harder to get children with suspected/diagnosed/undiagnosed children into special schools as there closing and new Acadamies with Enhanced Learning units are opening which are still totally unsuitable for some childrens SENs. So I would get intouch with IPSEA and Other Educational Services to help you, there is a NAS Educational advise line too so contact them too. It has been openly widely discussed here that lack of support in the school can and does have a knock on effect on childrens behaviour when thier needs are not been met and can affect their behaviour within the home. So I would look into what support could be offered in the here and now and the future. You said that the Nursery said that he will need more attention when he goes to school, what kind of attention and why would he need more attention, you have to show specific and presise reasons for your child needing the support. Anyway recommend you get support now for his educational needs. http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/Index.php?/topic/20381-special-educational-needs-advice/ What is the enviroement like when he is outdoors and in the middle of the road? Busy, Traffic, Crowds, ect.... JsMumxxx
  13. I had lots of difficulties managing J when he was younger in time out so it can be very hard when the child is lashing out and hurting themselves and others, in the end we had to stop time out and take away privilidges and we used tokens and star charts which where fine for a week or two, what helped me a lot was courses from National Autistic Society called HELP programmes and J recieved therapies from Bibic and other independant children developmental clinics that gave us practical support. http://www.autism.org.uk/our-services/residential-community-and-social-support/parent-and-family-training-and-support/help-seminars.aspx http://www.bibic.org.uk/ I also recieved loads of help from CONTACT A FAMILY fab organisation, if you contact them they send you loads of information and booklets similair to this one here. http://www.cafamily.org.uk/pdfs/behaviour.pdf'>http://www.cafamily.org.uk/pdfs/behaviour.pdf http://www.cafamily.org.uk/ I didnt get to do the early Birds myself as J recieved dx later on so we missed out. I have had friends though have attended them and the comments are positive. Have a look here on a NAS LINK. http://www.autism.org.uk/our-services/residential-community-and-social-support/parent-and-family-training-and-support/early-intervention-training/find-out-more/parents-views.aspx http://www.autism.org.uk/our-services/residential-community-and-social-support/parent-and-family-training-and-support/early-intervention-training.aspx The Naked running could possibly to do with Sensory needs, to understand more about sensory issues read The out of Syncs Child a fantastic book. http://www.amazon.co.uk/-Sync-Child-Carol-Stock-Kranowitz/dp/0399531653/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1312844928&sr=1-1r I do agree that the aggression issue does need to be dealt with because I learnt that as they do get bigger, stronger it only gets more serious and if not dealt with now the assualts will only get more serious and dangerous. So do ensure you get the right support to deal and manage your sons aggressive behaviour before it really does become a real area of concern. JsMumxxx
  14. Have you tried a ABC chart? http://www.autism.org.uk/living-with-autism/understanding-behaviour/behaviour-guidelines.aspx I recommend a ABC for about a week. That way you will begin to see a trigger but also what consequences your child has with a particular behaviour. I do agree that there is no real consequences to his aggressive behaviouru for example he was allowed to watch Bumbles DVD later on after his outburst. However there may be triggers that are leading to the behaviour in the first place so hopefully by preparing, planning taks for your son will react less aggressivly. A picture symbol Visual Timetable can be helpful if he understands the tasks and is routinly followed. Look at activities and therapy that will help him express his feelings in a more productive way and give him opportunity to use his anger in more safe ways, Anger is natural and normal, its how we deal with it that matters. So look at Feelings, Emotions Stratagies for children with communication impairments, as Aggression can be a form of communication when a child can not verbally express. Look at relaxation activities as reducing stress can also help reduce aggressive tendencies. Your son is four years old and I remember that this period was the hardest time for me so it is a difficult journey. Hopefully when you get the outcome of the possible dx you will be offered more specific parenting support such as Early Birds and Behaviour therapy related to SEN. What support does your son recieve from School? JsMumx
  15. The doctor actually admitted that Ritalin was cheaper than giving these boys (girls if its ever picked up) what they need such as TAs extra. No daught Ritalin was a cheaper option for the summer holidays, surely there is other provisions available to give the Mum a Break! Such as specialist respite provisions, special needs holiday clubs, sessional workers and home support but ritalin is defo cheaper than ensuring the families have more practicle support. If ritalin is required surely its in a classroom context not a home or holiday context and certainly not to give Mums a break. One of the mums had to wait two years for a parenting course. Ive done the Family Effective Training course which did help with ADHD however Js needs are not just ADHD he has comorbids and learning difficulties that mean he needs additional needs parenting courses, our council did not buy in these parenting courses and so for families like mine the courses where aimed at normally develpmental children. The investment needed for many children with additional needs is outweighed by funding and so medication is going to be going to be a short sticky festering plaster eventually it falls off. What is needed is a Wholistic aproach, medication, provisions and services. Thats not going to happen is it. JsMumx
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