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  1. Sally your last sentence is true until they leave. I have learnt that Services change all the time and managers and staff come and go. It is so beneficial to have someone looking out for you who loves you and will keep these providers on their toes so to speak x
  2. Hi Jeanne how is Glen? Has he been to the dentist or had his eyes checked yet? I would think these are the most important things to get done asap so at least you can eliminate pain as a factor for the behaviours. Maybe it hurts Glen to go out as light can have a negative effect on sensitive eyes, just a thought. Hope he has settled more, x
  3. Hi Jeanne, I wonder what made him decide to act then at that time in the car, or what that trigger was? If only you knew eh! I do hope everything has settled down and Glen will soon decide to get out and about again. It does seem like the home is trying hard. Heres to peace x
  4. Hi Jeanne could his weight gain be a side effect of the medication? What is Glen like without any medication ? It is good to hear the meeting went well and Glen was happy.
  5. Hi Jeanne id wait until his inflamed tooth has gone down, his filling filled and his eye checked. When he is pain free it could make all the difference to Glen and they have no reason not to start attempting to get him out again, let us know how it goes x
  6. Hi Jeanne this could explain it , at least you know now. Did they say what they will do about a wisdom tooth coming through, do they leave it or take it out? My son has same happening and dentist seems to think if there is enough space for it to come through,to wait and see.
  7. Hi Jeanne, I think the most important thing is making sure he gets his good eye re-checked at the appointment, as you say you think he has been hitting it, if just to be reassured. If it means drugging him to a point of sedation to get him there it has to be worth it. Will the care home do this?
  8. Hi Jeanne, the eye specialist must have previously checked his good eye. Did they say that it was Ok? I was worried about this too, as my soon also attacked his good eye but eventually gave up. ( I was told at the time that it is very very hard to detach your own retina and that the bad eye had probably had this weakness since birth). When is he having his good eye checked? This autism is Hell
  9. Jeanne, just brilliant news that Glen is happy again. May be his eye has stopped bothering him so that he is able to be more settled. Its great you could see him, what a relief, x
  10. Course we can xx I hope your lovely lad soon settles again
  11. Im sad to hear about Glens eye sight, the same happened to my lad. The eye specialist said not to repair it because it had been like that for a while and other problems can occur later on with reattached retinas, like cataracts. I wonder if Glens eye could have been been bothering him for a while. It must be as irritating as hell and unbearable to live with. Our poor sons they really really don't deserve any of it. x
  12. Hi Jeanne I am very sorry to hear this It makes me want to cry. My son had an episode like this about ten years ago, I stupidly tried to intervene and was bitten badly and I was petrified he could kill himself. He attacked himself violently. He was put on high dose meds after that. I am always wary but It didn't happen again thank god. I am sure it had everything to do with his eye problem that he just could not cope with the discomfort. I really feel for you and hope this was a one off. Glens care home sound excellent. x
  13. Hi hsmum how horrible for you. Teenage years seem to be so tough for our kids. My son had a psychotic episode around 10 years ago, ( in my opinion,brought on by his retina detachment that literally drove him nuts). If you decide on a treatment and assessment unit It will depend where you live but please read and avoid this outfit http://mydaftlife.wordpress.com/about/
  14. Hi all I think it is very important you are informed in 2014 http://mydaftlife.wordpress.com/about/
  15. That is good his eye will be checked. I too, don't know what bothers my son, the first things I do are check for any pain, ie. toenails, finger nails, insect bites, mouth ulcers, foot blisters, etc even an itchy head could start him off! My son is also anxious at the moment and your guess is as good as mine! Fingers crossed it all ceases and they can go back to being happy once again, xx
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