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  1. I thought this programme was really good. It didn't seem contrived or patronising. It was good that they included the thoughts of the parents - whether you agreed with them or not. It would be great if we were all perfect parents but I don't think there are too many perfect people around! Special Talent - you were really good. Don't feel embarrassed about the kissing! Btw - regarding Coronation Street - it has been suggested that Roy Cropper might have Asperger's - it has never been directly referred to in the show.
  2. It's been interesting to read these replies - and sad. This was my first post on here (in fact, I think this was my first post on any forum). I've found it really helpful - it's made me feel less alone (which is the idea I suppose!). I think I'll start to use the forum more often, and when I find a post where I can give a useful reply I will (I feel a bit more confident now). Malcolm - Your blog was really useful. I don't think you have met anyone quite like my in laws though! They'll never get it. Never mind, we manage ok as we are.
  3. My son is now 18. He was diagnosed with AS and Dyspraxia at 15, after years of problems. Last night we went to a family party. My sister-in-law started to grill me (yet again) on what AS is, and had he been diagnosed, or was it just me saying he had AS. She was really antagonistic. She told me that my mother-in-law has told her that my son doesn't have AS. This has led to a fall out that we will probably never get over. My son has had awful problems lately, which we have not shared with my husband's side of the family, as his parents have been ill and my husband doesn't want to burden them. They probably wouldn't believe us anyway. My family are much more accepting, probably helped by the fact that my nephew (on our side) also has AS. My husband is very close to his family, and this must be very difficult for him. His family never speak to him about my son's AS, but I always get the questions. I think that they believe I'm making it all up! I can't see what I'd have to gain from this? Does anyone else have problems like this?
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