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  1. Hi, I could use a little advice. AS runs in my family and I have been aware that I am very symptomatic for many years and my father who is AS has told me so, but I have never gone for a professional diagnosis, but recently I decided to get diagnosed as I am getting married next year and we are thinking of starting a family. I thought perhaps an official diagnosis would help my new in-laws understand me better and I thought it would be useful to have access to AS support groups, especially as I may become a parent. Perhaps more importantly, it has been praying on my mind recently that perhaps I should get an official diagnosis just for my own peace of mind. A few weeks ago I approached my GP about seeking a professional diagnosis and she seemed to be very supportive by the idea and wrote a referral. Since then my GP has left to work at another surgery. I received a letter on Friday last week asking me to attend my local surgery to meet the new GP, so I made an appointment and went yesterday. The new GP told me that the local Mental Health team had replied saying they would not see me because there is no treatment for Aspergers Syndrome. He went on to firmly suggest that I should not push this any further as it would undoubtedly affect me future employment prospects. When I mentioned reasonable adjustments he laughed and said that I would have to get an interview first and that would be unlikely with an AS diagnosis. He told me that he believed I was just socially awkward and perhaps should consider seeing the surgeries Counsellor to help with that and to learn how to interpret facial expressions and body language better. He suggested that if I could go privately if I really wanted a diagnosis, but said that a private diagnosis doesn’t hold much sway with him, because if you pay someone £150, of course they will say you have what you want them to say and any future care would have to go through him. I'm actually suprised at how upset I am over this confrontation with my GP. He felt he was incredibly dismissive about a condition that I have lived with all of my life. I really don’t know what to do or where to turn next. Anthony
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