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    Hi Chloesmum, You are right, I think most of the time people were just trying to reassure me. I think I will begin to start telling people but need to explain and discuss it further with my son first. We have ordered some books and have a little "Welcome to Aspergers" pack from CAMHS (It's not really called that but from the pack we have been given it does seem like we've joined a club rather than having just been given a diagnosis). Any tips on how to discuss this with my son would be gratefully received. Thankyou so much
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    Thanks for your reply, Your description of your son sounds very familiar. I guess I just get so frustrated because I spend so much time trying to make sure that my son doesn't throw cars and control play situations with tantrums and in return we get no effort or understanding from other people. I guess I shouldn't be so selfish as it is my son who is going through this and not me. But our children are an extension of ourselves and it is impossible not to take every injustice they receive as a personal blow. When people dismiss my son's Aspergers they also dismiss all the effort and hardwork he puts into social situations. We are beginning to get involved with support groups and getting advice like yours is a big help. I am trying to be more positive. x
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    Hello everyone, Reading some of your stories has given me such a sense of relief, we are not the only ones dealing with this. The problems have not come from my son or his condition but our lack of understanding of it and the frustration at a diagnosis which took such a long time to come. The diagnosis has brought with it a new set of problems: Do we tell people? Over the years I have told people that my son was being assessed and that there was a likelihood of his being on the ASD spectrum. Rather than receiving responses of curiosity and empathy and understanding it seemed to make people quite angry. Lots of "Oh, there is nothing wrong with him!" and "Don't be so silly". It seems that in others eyes we are nothing more than attention seekers. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
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