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  1. my nan never understood my son, she told me he was from bad stock and needed disipline, she died before his diagnosis but i hated that she never understood him.
  2. thanks i will definately ask her then, she has been brilliant so far and has arranged for the ed phycologist and pushed for occupational therapy and arranged for an autistic advisor to come in and help with behavior advice
  3. hi im new to the forum and my son who is 8 has aspergers and dyspraxia. i have filled in the form for dla (well cab did it for me) but the section 36 (from another person who knows the child) was left blank, i thought she said i was to fill it in but on reading it someone else should do it some one told me that it is better for a professional to do it, would his sen teacher be ok as i am not seeing anyone else till june and the form should be in by the 25th may as its dated thanks in advance for any advice
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