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  1. hi forgot to mention my son has not been on any other medication so i think thats why he responded quite quickly.regards jon
  2. hi,my son is a 14 year old giant (see 14 yearold son meltdowns)and i know what problems you are having as i also have major problems with my son.i agree melatonin might help but only with sleep and not his behaviour,my son has high fuctioning autism with demand avoidance and at the moment i am giving him 5htp with b6 and vit c and i am having good results so far but he complains of being contipated,i think i might try magnesium with it but iam going to the doctors tomorrow to see if they can advise.i dont want to build your hopes up but its working for him and i have spend hours reading up and thought why not try natural supplements.best wishes jon
  3. hi all,my son is back at school now and we have had a good start,i ordered some 5htp with b6 and vit c and i cant believe the difference in him,thinks are not perfect but he seems a lot calmer with no meltdowns now for over a week and he has stopped smashing the house up,he attacked me once which only lasted 5 mins.i took him off the tablets for a few days to test his reactions and he got worse again so he is back on them now and he has even showered twice this week.going to the docs with him tomorrow to make sure the tablets are ok but from what i have read 5htp,b6 or b complex with magnesium are the way to go but i dont want to built anyones hopes up as you need to check things out first for yourself and as you now all autism kids have different problems.i have also found it easier to deal with him by doing something he wants as long as he does something back for me ie shower and the results are good but there is a very long way to go.some of you might thing a week is not long enough to tell but i can tell he is a lot calmer and his all round thinking is much better.will let you know how its going.thanks all jon
  4. hi all,my son had a statement in his early years around 5 years old and had help at school and with nhs mh but after years of no progress i sent him on a private course with DORE which helped him a lot,the nhs told us he may be on the autistic spectrum and with his improvements discharged him in 2006 never giving us proper confirmation of his condition so when in january this year he started having panic attacks,due to his hormones his behaviour changed as well.we took him to the doctors who sent us to the nhs mh.imagine the shock when we sat down and the lady said its all down to his austism!.we have lost all this years and have been coping quite well till now so yes i think the same is it two late now.he is a nightmare at the moment thats why my wife is on the happy tablets to cope with the strees,i am not on any tablets and iam very strong willed and will see it through no matter what.i think you are all correct and will have to set my ground rules again and get him back into a routine when he goes back to school next week and batten down the hatches for the meltdowns some lasting 2 to 3 hours.there is one good thing he will not attack my wife as i have made it clear in no uncertain terms if he hits his mum there will be big trouble.i will take his xbox then his phone and tv/internet if he breaks the rules and thinking about i will stop taking him to judo if he does not shower as its a golden rule in judo you must be clean,i might also go the gym and build my muscles up again to my former rugby days.maybe rugby will be good for him to let out his aggression if i can get him to go but i will not take his guitars as he has paid for them himself and i dont want him to stop playing as he is a awesome guitarist.he does hate me know but like i said iam strong willed and will do what ever it takes.i have also ordered some 5 htp with b6 and vit c and will let you all know how it goes.THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.JON one last thing he attacked me last night as i asked him to shower but today he was playing a gig and it was being recorded so i told him not to bother showering and go with his greasy hair and smelly armpits to let his band mates down and guess what yes he showered.going to have a glass of wine now before the battle commences next week.
  5. i have tried a rota but he just ripped it up so i put another one up and he did the same and told me to f off.he has suffered from panic attacks in the past but he seems ok at the moment with no depression or major problems as long as things are going his way,he is a very rigid thinker!,recently he has stopped attacking me and just smashes the house up instead.i think iam going to take him to the doctor about his hygiene as i think he will listen to him.i only want to use natural supplements and have read good thinks about 5 htp and b6 but not sure what to do for the best.we had help from a lady who has seen him in school time who is excellent but for the nhs is a waste of time.thats another story.thank you
  6. hi,iam a new member and need plenty of advice,i suffer from add so please bear with me.my son has asd high funtioning autism / pda and combined with his hormones has very challenging behaviour.he has very rigid thinking and thinks he is charge and will not do any thing we ask of him,he can become very aggressive and will attack me punching and spitting and has even tried to stab me.i am a 6.2 and 16 stone ex rugby player but he is a giant 14 year old year with horrid meltdowns and very hard to handle.i have called the police once and they tried to help but they couldnt understand when they talked to him as he is lovley lad when calm.he has not showered now for two weeks and just point blank refuses,i have tried different approaches with varied results.he is a great guitaist and will only leave the house to play at music lessons or at rock school.i have reading up on natural supplements and he does take omega 3 but thinking of giving him 5 htp with b6 and vitamin c.ollie is a good lad with a good heart and i just want to help him and me and my long suffering wife who is now on the happy tablets to cope with the stress.HELP regards jon
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