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  1. Initially, I was gutted I felt that I had let my wife & daughter down because of the confirmation I am an Aspie. I felt this way because all my life I have tried to be like NT types, failing miserably, mainly due to my complete disinterest in socialising, so now I know I'm an Aspie it's like there's a reason I'm the way I am and it can't be changed. I'm still coming to terms with my diagnosis (sound like a drama queen, I know) but I suppose once I start accepting the diagnosis and myself then I will feel better. I'm going to look for support groups which my assessor told me about and throw myself in. Maybe being around people like myself will help me feel more comfortable in my skin.
  2. Just an update: I received my results and am now officially diagnosed as having Aspergers.
  3. Are you doing this with the OU? I'm also doing a Psychology degree with the OU and find Facebook groups to be extremely helpful. Paul
  4. Had my second appointment (DISCO) which went fine, lots of questions for my wive and me to answer and also looked at lots of "mood pics" and read some scenarios and answered. Have been given homework to write about my routines and what they mean to me etc and the same for my wife to write about me. 3rd and hopefully finally appointment on the 26th March.
  5. Started my DISCO assessment on Monday. The wife went with me and we were both asked lots of questions about me and my behavior etc. I have a further appointment to finish it on March 12th.
  6. Talk of which, the nurse phoned me today and my DISCO assessment is set for 27th February, yay!! Can't wait for this to be over with though.
  7. Finished the IQ assessment yesterday with the psychologist and spoke about a few things about my pessimistic/critical/loathing of myself. Was comforting & informative. I told her how I hadn't received an email from the nurse & she told me that it may be an intranet issue as she always has lots of problems with emailing outside the intranet. She also emailed the nurse or me. So now I'm waiting to hear from the nurse for an appointment. :/
  8. The assessment with the speech therapist was fine. Last Wednesday I had my first appointment with the psychologist who did part of an IQ test with me which I will be finishing on Wednesday. As for the nurse, I left her a message to contact me, which she did. She apologised for the delay with a plethora of excuses and asked me for my email address which she explained would allow her to contact me/update me quicker and easier. She said she was again going to phone the psychologist and would email me within 10 minutes, guess what? It's been 5 days and no email!!!! Do I need to say anymore about her?
  9. For anyone who's interested, the nurse never called me back, so I called her the following day only to be given the runaround and not speaking to her. Because of this, I contacted the speech therapist & asked her did she know which psychologist I was seeing, she did & I told her how unhappy I was with the nurses lack of professionalism and unreliability. She was genuinely annoyed and as she was working in the same building as the psychologist she heard that she was going to contact me, so she told me she would speak to her anyway to chase it up. The following day the psychologist called me to arrange my cognitive test for next Monday 30th January
  10. I'm well pissed off. The nurse phoned me 10 minutes ago to cancel my appointment for tomorrow. She said she's been busy and hasn't spoken to the psychologist yet, but is hoping to do so tomorrow and she'll phone me tomorrow afternoon. No explanation of why my appointment needs to be cancelled and she has had 2 weeks to speak the the psychologist. Well the rest of my day is ruined now, i'm in such a downer
  11. Saw the mental health nurse this morning. She tool some initial details regarding why I believe I have Aspergers and we talked a while . She briefly started the DISCO but said it would be appropriate to speak to my parents for it, however, because I am not on speaking terms with my family, she said she will look for other assessment material which doesn't need their input. However, she said that she could contact them without giving them the real reason she needs the info (i.e. she is a representative from my insurance company etc). She said she will try to arrange me an appointment with the psychologist for the cognitive test part before we carry out the DISCO, if not, we will keep to our appointment scheduled for 2 weeks time, which she wants my wife present.
  12. It was alright. She had me looking at flip cards with multiple pictures and asked me questions about which described what etc. She also asked and filled in a lot of psychometric tests. I went again today, which lasted longer and was similar to the appointment before, but there were more psychometric questionnaires. She also explained to me how the other parts of the assessment will be carried out and by whom. Tomorrow I am seeing the mental health nurse which will be a introductory appointment (I think) and she will eventually carry out the DISCO test.
  13. Had my first appointment today with the language/speech therapist, will be seeing her again on Thursday morning.
  14. I received another phone call today from a speech/language therapist/professional from Willis House, i can't remember her title specifically, I think it had the word "language" in it. Anyway, she said she'd prefer to see me before my appointment with the nurse, so I'm seeing her on the 3rd January. It seems to be gaining momentum and I'm feeling even more anxious now lol.
  15. Received a phone call today from some type of nurse, who told me that she will be coming out to me on 6th January next year and explain the assessment and carry out a part of it and I will then see other people for other parts of the assessment.
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