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  1. Some Punk kid just asked me if I want to Rock and Roll so I picked up a Rock smashed him in the face and pushed him down a hill

  2. Got 30 new followers yesterday, 5 new followers so far today although my record is about 150 a day can we get more today I'm #TeamFollowBack


    #GagaShouldHaveAFollowSpree If Gaga went to Your Twitter Karma she could follow all her followers back with 1 click of a button

  4. More than 10 new followers today Love you all I'm following you all back :)

  5. On the Beta of Little Monsters :)

  6. What time is it? Tequila Time :)

  7. Happy New Year Everyone :)

  8. Hi I'm James I am 18 from Stafford I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when I was 6 and Asperger Syndrome in April. I am a member of a number of different forums including Dyspraxic Teens which I also Moderate. I am a Commitee member of the Staffordshire Egyptology Society. I have applied to Staffordshire University to study Computing Science. I like going out clubbing with my friends at weekends. Look forward to getting to know you James
  9. So what words are you peeps into right now im lovin the word sup

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