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  1. gertie

    hello :-)

    Thanks for the welcome, it makes a huge difference to know others have the same/similar experiences. Not really had time to get to grips with this forum yet, even to just lurk, but hopefully I'll have some time to delve into some discussions :-)
  2. gertie

    hello :-)

    Hello everyone, I'm Gertie, 34 and mum of two, a boy (14) and a girl (15) and we live in the north west. My daughter is now having assessments and is in the 'formal diagnosis' bit with CAMHS, and most likely it's Asperger's. Although we've kinda got our heads around stuff, there is still a lot to learn and we're still slowly realising how AS has been affecting her as it hasn't always been as immediately apparent as it is now. I look forward to picking your collective brains!
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