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  1. Hello all, I am writing a proposal for a community music project i am spearheading and i have a question that i would love to have some feedback on. I would be so very grateful. I know this question sounds like i am looking for a blanket answer, but i am just looking for personal perspectives on the matter. Please place a musician on the spectrum at an open mic night at a local pub. Given that people on the spectrum generally find social situations more alien and awkward than neurotypicals, would a musician on the spectrum feel more comfortable playing his/her original song to a pub full of strangers, or a pub full of family, friends, peer group and teachers? Thank you for your time in answering this question. Matthew
  2. Hi Thanks for replying. I respect your angle on the project. I just finished recording the first track for the CD today, and myself and Shaun, who is very much open about his Asperger's, concluded that being on the spectrum is something to be celebrated and merged into everyday life rather than marginalised, thats why the live gig will feature artists both on and off the spectrum, rather than being just Asperger's. This CD is going to be very good, it will have a great energy and certainly wont be anything to be pitied i assure you. I will post a link to the track shortly just in case anyone wants to hear it. Take care! Matthew
  3. Hello and thank you for your kind support. You are absolutely right about the pressure of playing live, not just for people with an ASD, but for anyone! I am making sure i approach this aspect of the project with great sensitivity and have a few solutions to any potential problems that could arise from doing things a certain way. I am working closely with parents, teachers and care coordinaters to make sure there is a strong and present support structure for the musicians involved. Feel free to join the facebook page i linked up in my original post. Website coming soon! Thanks again :-) Matthew
  4. Hello! My name's Matthew, I am a musician/producer and support worker for adults with Autism in Bristol,UK. I am currently in the midst of a communty project called 'Asperger's SING!drome' and i am generating support and awareness for the project by hitting local radio stations and newspapers and the internet. Below is a description of the project and a link to my facebook page (website on the way) Thank you https://www.facebook.com/aspergerssingdrome 'Asperger's SING!drome' is a musical platform for 10 musicians on the autistic spectrum to record one original song each in a studio setting and then perform that song at a special gig event in Bristol. The live event aims to champion the musical imagination of those ten individuals in an exclusive, private social setting, eliminating the stigma that can define those with an ASD as being socially ...awkward; and more importantly, creating a positive and fun space to be enjoyed by all! Autism is partly a social disorder, so what could be better than smashing down those barriers in front of an audience using the power of music? Autism is regarded as a disorder that effects the imagination, so what could be better than breaking through that regard with a form of expression that requires, by its very nature, the full attendance of imagination and creativity? Autism is seen to be a communication disorder, but what- if anything- is more communicative than music? A CD of the studio recordings will be produced, as well as a film DVD of the live event. The CD's will be sold at the live event and money generated will be donated to the National Autistic Society and other charities and organizations that specialize in Autism. Both the CD's and DVDs will be made available to buy through the website, which will be constructed as soon as the project receives funding. The recordings will also be made available as MP3 downloads from iTunes, Amazon and other reputable digital download websites. Radio stations will also be contacted both before and after the funding is in place to raise awareness of the project.
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