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  1. Hi, I'm a single mum and have a son with Autism. But I'm having a lot of problems with his behavior. He's 8 and goes to a special school and behaves when he's there but in the house he doesn't listen to me, he runs from room to room and screams when he doesn't want to do what I tell him. When he gets angry he throws whatever he has in his hand on the floor, a few days ago he threw his laptop and broke it!! Another thing he does is roll on the floor, I'm not sure why he does that but when I tell him to stop he doesn't listen(it gets embarrassing). Recently he's started to chew on the leaves of my mum's plants as well, he breaks them off and sometimes pulls up my mum's plants. He normally needs to wear glasses but he doesn't wear them either, only puts them on for 1 min then pulls them off again and throws them away. I'm getting very tired of his behavior but don't know what to do. I've not been able to get any respite as I've been told he needs to be 12 before we can apply!! I'm sorry to ramble on like this. But can anyone give me any ideas on calming him down or to make him listen. Thanks.
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