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  1. Hi, my name is Lisa please can any one offer advise / support. I'm in turmoil I'll try to keep this brief but it's complicated. Tomorrow my youngest son is 16 it should be a happy day ,but it's going to be stressful and exhausting. he has just had another melt down involving his anger against himself. He is extremely frustrated and angry most of the time ( he is getting help once a week for anger management ) He is not in school at present as he was severely bullied over many years . he is a danger to himself and others right now. he was in mainstream school which in hind sight was not for him at all . he was not supported enough by the education system.(that's another story) During his out burst he makes a lot of noise,shouting and slamming things , his older brother 18 complains , arguing with us to get him to be quiet. He has no empathy even though he regularly has melt downs of his own. He is in full time collage but still struggles with everyday social situations Neither have any friends any more as over the years they have become isolated and very low confidence. We have tried many times with various sporting activity ,and last year they were helped to start to do the Dof E and managed to go on an expedition ! Since then neither will do any sports or volunteering, refusing as they feel they will be picked on or made to feel inferior in some way. My older son thinks his brother is lazy and regularly calls him stupid and swears at him ( which inflames the situation) I'm on a list for social services but they haven been for the next stage of assessment yet . We walk on egg shells most of the time as the younger one tried to strangle me about a month ago thats why social services finally got involved . My husband wants one of them out as he says he can't go on like this any more . We have no family support all relative are elderly or work full time even if help is offered very often they pull out at the last minute which again does not help .(this has happened again over the Easter break.) We are paying for family mediation ,which is helping but it's no quick fix and the boys don't have much patients. We pay privately as I've been waiting for 2 years only to be shunted from one health professional to another each saying we are not the right people for autism. I'm tired fed up and scared. Over the last 15 years I very had 2 nervous breakdowns but each time somehow I get through and carry on .I'm not sure I can carry on any more. Sorry couldn't keep it brief . Help anyone?
  2. Hi Special_talent123,, Sorry to be so stupid, but still haven't not managed an emoticon? I've clicked reply where is full edit? cannot see a smiley face anywhere? To click? The box I can click just says add reply ,next to that is preview post,next to that is cancel, to the right is a tick box option of enable emoticons which I've ticked. Help again please Thank you
  3. Thanks for the reply Will give it go now.
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    Hi clover58 I'm very new to this too, This is my first post. Sorry to here you've had a bad day. We've had a bad few months too.my two sons are aspies 15 and 18 Came to a head last week I had to call the police as social services could not make an emergency visit. They told me to phone the police. I felt like the worst mother ever! I've never shook so much. getting help now . We too did a lot of hugging and went through a box of tissues. I've been advised to chat with other parents . I've had more help in the last 5 days than in the last 15 years.still a long way to go,but we keep going. Keep positive,keep smiling, keep posting. I would put in a smiley face but I don't know how yet .
  5. Not sure if this a practice or real I really am new to this This thread must be v old as last date I can see is dec 2012. How do I place an emoticon I've ticked the box now what? Help if there is anyone reading Thanks
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