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  1. I did and was deemed a priority case so am currently in emergency housing. Really not sure what is going to happen next but I'm safe... And happy! Right... Hi everyone, I'm Rob from Bristol!
  2. Alas it is too late. I got forced to leave the family home yesterday. It appears my new journey begins now. Having little access to power and internet my posts will be sparce. Hope to see you all on the other side of this adventure. I will be back Rob
  3. Thank you both. I did ring the local branch of NAS during a recent meltdown. A woman called me back and said there was nothing they could do and to ring the local assessment centre as they could offer help without dx. Obviously they couldn't and suggested I ring NAS. AAARRRRGH! I am desperately trying to avoid homelessness. I spent many years on the road before, 'running away from myself'. I know I have to stay here in Bristol to get my diagnosis, I am tired of running. I know this is the last battle I have to fight which is a comfort. On discovering my Aspergers I have read lots and my life now makes sense. I think what is the hardest part is the fact I am doing this all alone. It is a very confusing fast moving world at the moment. I would dearly love to meet others who have been through similar. Accepting that NT's drain me and that I cannot live among them is relatively easy, for it now all makes sense. The difficulty is finding people who truly understand what it is to live with autism. I know they are out there, I am just impatient.
  4. Hi I'm Rob, I'm 45 from Bristol. I only discovered I have Aspergers this year and am currently on the waiting list for official diagnosis at the Bristol centre. I am finding things very difficult at the moment as there seems to be no support until you get the official diagnosis. I am trapped in a house following a marital breakdown with nowhere to go but the streets. I have a mental health advocate who is trying to get me on the housing register but again, no dx no deal. I could really do with specialist autism support. Forgive this rather desolate post but I am very trapped and very alone. I'm struggling to get from day to day (I'm usually very happy) and I'm not sure which way to turn. I would welcome a smiling face in my life right now. Rob
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