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  1. Hello I'm new to this website but I need some advice. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and I am currently 17. On my 16th birthday I opened a bank account. However at the time I had no use for it and was waiting until I got a job to use it. A few months ago I was offered a job as a part time video game journalist, not a lot of money about 20 a week. I entrusted my bank details to my mother until the time was needed, I gave her no permission to use the account. When I asked her for my details she refused to give me them saying that she could not trust me with money. Even though I have Aspergers I do have good control over money, I'm even taking accounting as an A-Level and achieving good grades. My family have tried to persuade her to give me back my bank details however she is still refusing to. This is where the DLA comes in. A few weeks after she refused to give me my bank details, I learnt that I had been receiving DLA and that it has been going straight into my bank account. Since then I have noticed that for the past year my Mom has been buying designer clothes for herself, going out more often and even spent 2 weeks on holiday with her friends, where as I have been getting an extra 10 pound a week which I need to spend on Dinner money in college. In perspective my Mom is a single mother with 3 children and works as a teacher's assistant, however Me and my family have support from social services as my Dad is a registered alcoholic who lives 5 miles away. She was described as basically a Narcissistic Mother by the social services and we have almost been placed into care 2 times. When I asked her about the DLA she simply said it was her's to control and told me to ''f*** off' repeatedly, and kicked me out for month, so I stayed with my Auntie. Since then my extended family have tried to ask her about it and she simply say's that the money's for the her and my brothers as well. After thinking about it I suspect that she has been using my DLA for her own personal well-being. I do not know whether this is allowed with DLA or not. I know that bank card is in my name as well. How could I proceed in persuading my Mother into giving me my card back, I do not want to call the police as I love her very much.
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