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  1. Thank you so much for your replies it has been really helpful! It very comforting to hear other peoples opinions and there experiences how things worked ect. The doctor did say it will probably get worse as he gets older I have noticed over the past 6 months his chewing and covering ears has increased a lot more it's very regular now and how he has started using out hands to do things for him with him holding ur hand to guide you, I don't understand why he does that though and won't do it himself like even pressing a button he uses my finger. He is getting better at speech since playing alpha blocks on the cbeebies app but he is very obsessed with it and he remembers every word and how to spell it and pronounces each letter I think that has encouraged his speech as he mimics one word he is very clever at that but you wouldn't believe it if you saw him as he won't speak to you only himself u will only hear him babbling and screeching. Well atleast i know to expect a lengthy wait for any dx and roughly what to expect in the process that makes me feel a big more happy knowing what to expect so thank you
  2. Hello yes I know he doesn't speak unless it's copying adverts on the TV he won't talk directly to you and never really uses his speech only high pitched screeches ect, I'm unsure why the doctor referred to aspergers As I would say it was autism more than anything, I think it's because the HV sent a list of things he does to doctor and a few were aspergers symptoms but 85% was more autistic symptoms I don't entirely understand though this is a totally new thing for me I'm trying to learn about it so I have a better understanding as I feel quite helpless. I have learnt that him covering his ears constantly it because he can hear something we can't that hurts his ears so I have got him some ear defenders which also settled him massively over fireworks season. He flaps his hands and jumps and stands on tip toes all the time and all he does is line his figurines from wrestling and his dinosaurs up day in day out in different places, he won't eat hardly anything which is very difficult as he hates new textures and unwilling to try new things, he has to stand on every Leaf or every drain or stones as he walks coz he likes the noise I assume, he has no sense of pain and no sense of danger and he hates children going near him or anyone going in his zone when he is playing but kids he won't go near at any time he will allow adult interaction sometimes. He chews everything and anything and won't go anywhere without his fluffy blanket I got him the same new blanket but diff colour and he moves it away using my hand he hate a it even though it the same but softer as not as washed out, he uses our hand to point or do things for him he just guides our hand with his. And he won't sleep at night there is lots but won't go on but gives you a rough idea of what he is like
  3. My son is 2yrs 9months and is currently going through the stages of a diagnosis off paeditrician, he has had reports from nursery and his health visitor they were waiting till he was 3 to see doctor but HV put immediate referral through he said my son has traits of aspergers but it on the autistic spectrum and did a referral in October to paeds and is seeing them in December, he is on the waiting list for speech and language, has a group called esco and portage involved with his development as well, I have lots of photo and video evidence with assessments from his HV and nursery any ideas what I can expect from the appointment please would be very grateful as don't know wether he will get a diagnosis or how long it will take ect ? thank you
  4. Hi thanks for your reply his pre school and health visitor agree he ticks all the boxes for aspergers but I'm awaiting the proper diagnosis from doctor. He doesn't talk yet or should I say he can count 1-10 he says like bubbles and daddy and cbeebies that's as far as his words go but he can repeat every song and TV commercial going but he has never said a word to me or anyone else if he does try talking to is he has like his own language repeating the same words well not even words it's like eek eek onk or sesssh none of it makes sense. Sometimes he isn't even frustrated he will just smash his head for entertainment I will look into these helmets thank you, I always knew he was different I thought it was autism but who knows he won't play with anyone he has no relationship with his siblings he won't sit down with you unless he wants to he only plays with his mega blocks lining them up for hours only the single ones then smashes them up and starts again and he likes turning things upside down to spin wheels or pedals, he won't eat anything other than jam sandwiches or biscuits ect if he doesn't like the look or texture he won't go near it and he is always walking on tip toes flapping his hands like he is trying to fly. He also covers his fingers into his ears a lot and steels if he doesn't like a song or noise and he always twists his head round rotating it and turning his eyes in opposite corner I'm not sure what it is and he has no sense of pain or danger he bounces off things sorry for the essay it's very confusing on what to do to help him
  5. Hi everyone I'm new to this group my son is 2 1/2 yrs old and is in the process of being diagnosed with aspergers I have never heard of this before but my health visitor and my sons pre school are helping build up enough evidence for a diagnosis at 3. I am really concerned though as he used to be so distant he won't communicate or acknowledge you or anyone and is very quiet in his own world but for the past month he seems to be getting increasingly angry and smashing his head off everything he even cracked my wall the other day and he must do it more than 100 times a day is there anything I can do to stop this before he damages himself he slaps his face pulls his hair and has started thinking it funny to hurt people which is totally out of his character any advice would be great please feeling very concerned thank you in advance
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