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  1. I only asked for an explanation of what the 13 score meant im happy with the assessment
  2. Just my assessment back for confirmed aspergers ( im 42 m) just wanted to ask what the scoring means for example "AAA questionnaire scored 13 which would place him in the diagnostic aspergers range" Thanks
  3. I just got my diagnoses a few weeks ago that i have aspergers (im a 42 years old male) so after being on anti depressants for over 20 years ive now started to look into aspergers and what medication can be taken. Im on flouxitane at the mo 1 a day but i want off of it because it doesn't improve my moods at all and my moods are the worst thing i was reading that you have to boost your seratonin levels i know excersise is the key but i dont do any at the moment so is there any medication to help thanks
  4. Hi Been putting this off for a couple of weeks so here goes I'm a 42 year old male that just got diagnosed with aspergers 2 weeks ago im waiting for the full report from phycologist but I decided to get it looked into because my 17 year old son got diagnosed at 5 with adhd and aspergers. So its constantly on my mind now and im reading Dr attwoods latest book to help but any advice diet etc would be helpful Thanks dale
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