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  1. Thanks everyone for your time. I agree with Trekster, it sounds like dissociation. I experienced last "episode" in July, when I opened this thread. Everything went better in a week or so, not a long time but not too short too. I think that my auto-diagnosed Asperger has a lot to do with that: when I have a special-one I struggle to see things for what they simply are and so, when everything is fine I feel I can trust this person (totally) and when there is a problem (I feel hurt) then I feel that the whole relationship is a mess and I can't totally trust this person anymore. You know... it's just like an on-off switch. I don't know if my english is sufficient to explain these kind of sensations. The person who choose to live with me has to be very patient but most of all she has to be very CAREFUL. What she says, what she does, could have very painful effects on me. Effects that can ultimately (and not so rarely) lead to an emotional blackout. I know and I understand that the things that hurt me the most are not even annoying for other people, so I think that it must be hard to "learn" such a strange behavioral pattern... So I agree with Ajl, it's just someone not doing things the way "I want", even uf this kind of expression has to be understood in an aspie way. Louie, please, could you explain what happened to you and how you reacted? Thanks again to everyone.
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    Hello trekster, thank you for telling me about you. I was too scary too, until few years ago.
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    Thank you for your answer. I do not know what to do about the diagnosis... Is it really important? Would it change something? Would I feel better after a diagnosis? What do you think about it? No one knows that I am an aspie... By now. I think, you know, that simply the majority of the people think that I am strange, antisocial or something like that. For me, the most important thing has been to be able to realize why I behave like that when I was a child, why I struggled so much, why I suffered so much, why everything I did was so strange at the eyes of the others.
  4. Hello, I need some help. Something quite strange happens to me or, at least I think it's strange. When for some reason I get hurt by someone who is very emotionally close to me, I react and I get angry, but then everything stops: for days I get a total emotional black out. I do all what I have to, I go to work, I study, I efficiently organize my days. Who hurted me simply ceases to exist, even if she/he says that he/she is sorry, cries and so on. I do not feel anything. I can't even remember what is like to love him/her. Is that normal for an aspie?
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    Hello! I am a self diagnosed Asperger. I simply didn't know about Asperger so I grew up struggling a bit (well, not just "a bit" :-) ). About two years ago I found some online tests and docs which helped me a lot to understand what I had... And it has been quite a relief. Happy to be here and to meet you all. Thank you!
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