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  1. I think this would be a wonderful idea.
  2. I have finally received my appointment for my AS assessment/diagnosis, it's October 2nd, and even though it's classed as an "Autism Diagnosis Assessment", i'm nervously looking forward to it happening i'm concerned about what may happen. Can anyone who has had a recent diagnosis tell me what I may expect to happen? Thanks
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    Pm sent, Trekster
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    Thanks for the welcome, I live in the wiltshire area and have connected to the local support group, but until I get my diagnosis I will have to wait for proper "official" help, trekster. Thanks for the encouragement, live life.
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    Hi everyone, i'm called Istari, I recently found this forum but have only just joined. I am a more mature adult and I have been waiting for a diagnosis since around the beginning of the year. Hopefully it will happen sept/oct this year.
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