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    drawing,guitar and singing,music,exercise,walking,bikes,helping,writing,gaming,movies,documentarys,my dog,councilling n all other things id like to learn e.g.maths,languages,hieroglyphics,bible,faith,and whatever else comes up
  1. try n be patient,your path will come to you xxx
  2. hi faye,discovered my asd in the last 2 wks and it's so good to finally know what my problem was,knowing deep down i am loved and this is my 1st visit to any forum as im 46 and don't have the time between studying n playing x box lol what im loving at the moment is how many of us there are n proves to me were not alone in this and i think the more we do right in our lives and don't worry about who thinks were different the more friends n good life will come,nice to meet you and good luck on yout amazing personal future 🙂👍💪👌✌❤
  3. hi all,i got told of a very clever family member that she thinks i have asd 2 weeks ago and since then its all fitted into place,last night was a good revelation from watching a lecture by professor Tony Atton on YouTube and after recently getting my life on track after 46 years(my current age) tonight I've looked for help online wich has led me to my first ever forum on something im finally happy to chat about and listen to my fellow kindred spirits,im just so happy I KNOW what was wrong and so excited about my new beginning 😃👍👌✌❤
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