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  1. Hi, new to the site and never been in a forum before. Finding it really hard to cope. My son has been bullied for years at school. It resulted in a black eye recently. The headmaster and Board of Govenors closed ranks. The headmaster told the bullies mother a pack of lies she then posted on line a post slagging me off. My son has been the victim and this is how we are treated. My mood has been very low and my sons anxiety is out of control at the minute. I have gone through all complaint procedures, waiting on letter from board to close case. Then I have been told to go to the school ombudsman. That's all well and good, yet I can't find any type of support for us. The school is more interested in self image, not my sons welfare. I have ASD too and I find people do not take me seriously. They think because of my disability I'm over reacting. I just can't catch a break. I am trying to be dignified. I am just out of a two year court battle with an ex neighbour who was finally convicted for intimidation and harassment. Our house move was mean't to be a fresh start now this? How do I deal with this public humiliation. I feel I'm not in control.
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