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  1. didn't take me long to 'put my foot in it', as reference to physical contact; however it was metaphorical (perhaps the wrong word) but as you suggest, was meant purely in convivial terms. hands, paws, fins - the context remains the same. I trust I have not offended your 'inner ferret'? the concept of putting salt or any other corrosive substance on your tail will not do, nor be entertained. I have though, read some of the exchanges between Deepthought and yourself and yes, I would entertain further discourse around the notion of polarity, duality, singularity or even totality! your reference to 'vulnerable person' had me in veritable fits of laughter (well, wry amusement at the very least), given I got taken to A&E 3 days ago. The result of a (very well-meaning) person's assessment of me and my current state as being "vulnerable and at risk - too much so for me to let you wander off on your own..." So yes, mad is currently a concise and appropriately apt terrminology.
  2. Hello Ferret Thank you for your timely, humorous and well-versed response. "polarity of thought" was an interesting interpretation - I am known for my 'polarised' ways of seeing and thinking - that would be another one of those label things... Anyway, pleased to have met you. *(metaphorically) offers warm shaking of hands*
  3. Hello, All and One, (not one and all, given we are all so unique despite any common bond) I thank fortune, sensibility and my general predicament for finding this forum. I have read a few posts and find you all so articulate which is absolutely great while also being somewhat a painful experience; I feel compelled to read and join in while equally wanting to run away and hide - the latter is not the done thing when you are 43 and outwardly fairly NT. I am sure I will put my foot in it several times in further posts, as there seems to be a very fine line to tread - so I will apologise in advance because as and when I say something someone else finds offensive or inappropriate, it wasn't meant that way, though I understand the damage has already been done. I also have a great predisposition to centre everything around me (reworded = I am selfish/very self-centred). Not suggesting that is an ASC trait, merely my own observations of my self. So further apologies if I go off on one, based entirely on my own experiences of my world. Enough said I think, other than to add that it is a great pleasure to 'meet' you all!
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