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    Hi, yes there is nothing locally. We have decided to move out of the area, as much as we like our house and the space we have here I need some support, be it from a local group or the NHS. It will mean a substantial reduction in house size and no garden which isn’t ideal with the dogs, but there are areas where the NHS do have services .. Nottingham is one and is as local to my family as we can find. It’s a two hour drive from them but that seems to be the ASD postcode lottery. I’ve spent the last 2 years fighting the local CMHS, they’re all we have but they don’t have anyone qualified to deal with autism. It’s no fun having to fight the very people who are supposed to help you.
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    Hi, I’m Sue, I live in North Lincolnshire and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Asperger’s and Dyspraxia at the age of 47, two years ago. I suffer with anxiety and depression as a direct result of the ASD (thank you to the GP who spent a decade describing me as neurotic!) and I’m finding that any help for Asperger’s is hard to find, but once you’re over 18 it’s almost impossible. I’ve tried all the charities, I envy my nephew, he’s an adult who lives in a city with a specialist NHS Asperger’s Centre, I’m assuming they’re thin on the ground. I’m currently waiting for a social services assessment to see if I can get funding to pay a local organisation for help. The crazy thing is our local CMHS discharged me after persuading me to go for an ASD assessment. They don’t deal with autism, so they don’t deal with its effects. A total cop out IMHO. I’m 50 soon and I want some control back, my life has fallen apart and I want to put it back together but I need help from people who understand, because I really don’t. Menopause is I think adding to my general feeling of ‘bleurgh’ but I’m not a miserable person. I will admit to being fairly happy without the company of others, but I love my dogs and rabbits, oh and the husband I have become a complete recluse, scared by shops, doctors, dentists, even the hairdresser! It’s not who I was and I need to get things back on some kind of even keel. I’m hoping there are adults on here who have had late diagnoses who I can chat to and we can exchange experiences and hopefully I can make some friends. It’s isolating being the only female Aspie over the age of 20 that I know. My hobbies when I could leave the house .. I had a 1200 Bandit motorbike, I loved that bike! I enjoyed walking, photography, and painting from photographs. Now I’m stuck in I’m a bit of a COD WW2 fan, I’m enthusiastic rather than good! I also love to knit and as I’ve mentioned before I love my menagerie. I’m also a lover of music, popular not classical, anything from ‘70s punk to country, and I enjoy crime fiction audiobooks, I find it easier to absorb a book by listening to it than reading it. Anyway enough of my waffling, lovely to ‘meet’ you all and thanks for adding me x
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